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Alabama Football Recruiting: UnderArmour All-America Game Recap

For those of you that had better things to do with your life today, we have a nice little summary here for you.

Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

Somehow, almost every single Alabama target/commit that played in this game were put on the same team. Well, I'm not implying anything, but that team won 27-0. For the most part, the defensive line (read: Rashan Gary) of team Highlight utterly dominated the Armour offense the entire day. Rather than boring you all with the details of the game itself, here is a nice little list of how every player with ties to Alabama performed:


Kendell Jones, DT

"The Hulk" is just that... He's huge. At 360 pounds, Jones will instantly be the biggest man on the team, and none of it looks like sloppy fat. He's also the most highly rated commit for Alabama at the moment. While he's typically known for his strength and deceptive speed, Jones struggled for most of the day. He was almost always a half a tick late when timing the snap. While he did command quite a few double teams, he really struggled to get any push in one on one situations most of the game. He did, however, have one ridiculous moment where he manhandled a triple team, pushing 60% of the offensive line backwards on a pass rush.

B.J. Emmons, RB

The lone running back commitment of this class looked particularly spry out there. Emmons is listed at 220, but looks closer to around 210. He runs hard, follows blocks well, and is slippery. Emmons put one nasty juke on a defender near the sideline after taking a dump off pass, and somehow wormed his way out of a couple of situations that should have been 4-yard losses after an offensive line failure. He was not given too many opportunities, but definitely showed his talent on the ones he had.

Deonte Brown, OG

At 335 pounds, Brown is not much smaller than Kendell Jones, and, from my eyes, looks to be bigger than his listed weight. Brown wasn't given much playing time, but looked sloppy when he did. He didn't move well, and could stand to lose probably 20 pounds.

Chris Owens, OG

The other offensive lineman, on the other hand, looked to be in peak physical shape. Owens moved well, and was absolutely perfect in pass protection. He made a beautiful pancake as a pulling guard on the perimeter of the field. He did, however, have one rough streak of getting overpowered on two running plays in a row.


Ben Davis, LB

One of the top two targets for Alabama in the state, Ben Davis is a premier linebacker. He looks the part of an Alabama linebacker, and plays like it too. Davis was all over the field in the first quarter, and made every tackle with perfect technique.

Lyndell Wilson, LB

Wilson is the in-state counterpart to Davis. Wilson plays some along the defensive line too, but will likely be more of a weak outside linebacker at the college level. He did a great job today always being in the right position and forcing plays to bounce outside and into other defenders, but I don't remember seeing him actually getting in on a tackle.

Nigel Knott, CB

Knott was targeted once all game, and jumped the curl route to break it up. That is about the best game summary a cornerback could ask for.

Jauan Williams, OT

The big kid out of D.C. looks like a prototypical left tackle. Long arms, rangy frame, and good footwork. On top of that, he got a solid push in the run game, and I never saw him make a single mistake all game.

A.J. Brown, WR

Many comparisons have been thrown around, saying Brown is similar to the great Julio Jones. That a bit premature, but style similarities are there. Brown is 6'2" 220, and is fast. He's especially great after the catch, as he showed on a 53-yard catch and run on a curl route. He's strong and shifty with the ball in his hands, and the team liked to throw him quick curl routes and let him use his after-catch ability to get the first downs.


I also just learned that receiver Cavin Ridley has just now chosen to commit to South Carolina rather than follow his older brother to Alabama.