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Jumbo Package: Jim Harbaugh Is Weirding Us Out Edition

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A lot of things associated with recruiting already verge on the creepy. Jim Harbaugh has decided to up the ante.

That permullet is glorious.
That permullet is glorious.


Jim Harbaugh enjoyed some (literal) Netflix and chill on a recruiting sleepover -

"Coach Harbaugh sat on my living room floor with me and we drank milk and played chess," Connor Murphy recalled, saying he was 11 or 12 years old at the time. Last year, the common narrative was that Harbaugh might not want to return to college because it involved recruiting. But Harbaugh seems to genuinely love recruiting, even if it involves Netflix and chill, and babysitting.

Ewww. This is just weird. It has so many connotations of pederasty that I don't even want to touch this. Jim, we're going to need you to stop being so damned creepy.

The biggest beneficiary of the weirdness has to be literally every other program that does not let its head coach wear sweat pants and sleepover at a 17-year old's house. I don't see this tactic winning a whole lot of living room wars when guys like Meyer or Saban come in there and behave like adults.

The fact this is being praised is almost as bad as the underlying tactic itself.


The 10 college programs that were hit hardest by early NFL departures | FOX Sports

Perhaps the biggest surprise was that the school that often takes the hardest hit -- LSU, which a few years ago lost 10 underclassmen early -- came away almost entirely unscathed.

Some of the more challenging programs on Alabama's schedule return most of their core intact. However, some, like Arkansas and Ole Miss, were decimated by early entries.

Spears talks returning Alabama players - ESPN Video

SEC Network's Marcus Spears says Alabama fans should be excited about some of the big players returning to the Tide.

Oh, we are, Marcus. We are.

The most B.S. game you'll ever see.

Alabama drops road game to Auburn despite career-high outing from Obasohan - The Crimson White

Alabama used a 22-4 run in the first half to take 24-14 lead, but the Crimson Tide quickly found itself on the wrong end of a run that allowed Auburn to finish the first half with a 40-37 lead it wouldn't lose for the remainder of the game. "It was a loss but I am proud of our guys,"Johnson said. "We battled through a lot of adversity tonight and showed what they are made of. We have a lot of character on our team and a lot of mental toughness. For us being together for the first year with a lot of new guys who have never played in the this building or never played in this rivalry, I am proud of my team."

Retin tied his career-high with 27, and Jimmy Taylor netted 13 rebounds. But, Alabama was playing 5-on-8 most of the night. One of the most despicable games I've ever seen officiated -- and that says a lot for the SEC. Sure, Alabama could have helped itself a little more on the line and on the glass, but this was a winnable game with 42.5 seconds remaining when the SEC did what it does best -- screw up royally (and suspiciously.)

Avery Johnson on controversial call: 'We just had a difference in opinion' |

With Alabama down four points and less than 30 seconds left in the game, Avery Johnson thought his team forced a critical turnover. That's what the official closest to the play initially called, too. But Joe Lindsay, who looked to be 30 or more feet away from the spot of the play, overruled the initial travel and hit Riley Norris with a foul call. Johnson was beside himself and came as close as a coach can come to earning a technical foul without actually getting one.

After Auburn went to the line after regaining possession, I would have dropped an upper-decker at midcourt. Johnson avoided the technical and an SEC fine for criticizing the officials, making him far more restrained than I would have been.


Roman Harper shows what collision with Marshawn Lynch did to his helmet |

Carolina Panthers strong safety Roman Harper wants football fans to know reports of the demise of Beastmode have been greatly exaggerated. After the Panthers defeated the Seattle Seahawks 31-24 on Sunday in the Divisional Round of the NFL playoffs, Harper took to Instagram to show his cracked helmet. The former Prattville High School and Alabama Crimson Tide standout said it had been damaged during a run-in with Seattle running back Marshawn Lynch, aka Beastmode.

You've got to look at this picture. Marshawn split Harper's helmet from the face mask to the ear hole. That, as my crazed Vietnam Vet high school coach would say, was a "G******* bingo lick, son! WHOOOO!" Did I mention he was a Marine...who volunteered for four tours in 'Nam, so our practices were quite...physical. I'm sure they would get him indicted these days.

Dont'a Hightower rated as NFL's best at 1 particular skill by football-grading web site |

Pro Football Focus has handed out its 2015 season superlatives, and Hightower topped the blitzer category, even though the former Alabama All-American's sack total was 3.5. According to PFF's statistics, though, Hightower was able to affect the quarterback on about 20 percent of his blitzes. Other former Alabama players cited in the ratings included New Orleans Saints running back Mark Ingram, the runner-up for most elusive runner; Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones, the second runner-up for offensive player of the year; and Denver Broncos guard Evan Mathis, the second runner-up for best run blocker.

Zeus, Mark, Julio all getting some love. Those 2008-2009 teams had some absurdly talent on them, and they developed so quickly too. Meanwhile, a timeless Evan Mathis just keeps plugging away (you probably should have just paid him, Eagles.)