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SBNation 2015 College Football All-American Team: Our Ballot

There are nearly a dozen All-American teams out there. We are pleased to be part of the only one that factors in the bowls, playoffs, and conference championship games. CB's ballot is as follows

Three All-Americans.
Three All-Americans.
Butch Dill-USA TODAY Sports

One last bit of housekeeping on the 2015 season is in order: The SBNation All-American team, determined by two votes from each collegiate site -- you know, the ones who actually watch all the games and pay attention to other teams?

Here is how it works:

College football's 2015 Full-Season All-America Team

College football's been naming All-Americans for more than 100 years, since before bowl games were even a thing. Now that we have not one, not two, but dozens of bowl games and a College Football Playoff, it's probably time we started incorporating the season's biggest games into our postseason awards. So here's the only 2015 All-America team that was voted on after the season actually ended.

The only game not factored into everyone's ballots was the National Title game. For most players, that is simply piling on at that point.

Check out the article above, the player write-ups, and now, below, review CB969's ballot and commentary:

First let me preface this with the fact that Erik and I were limited to the nominees that SBN gave us (ed. note: the names of all nominees are on the SBNation article above.)


Deshaun Watson - Clemson - Bama fans saw first hand what this guy can do.
* It was a down year for QB.

Running Backs
Derrick Henry - Alabama - Who else?
Christian McCaffrey - Stanford - You have to admit, he carried his team.
* Leonard Fournette made the list. He is a great back but the dude disappeared against Alabama and somewhat vs. Arky and it killed LSU's season.

Wide Receivers
Sterling Shepard - Oklahoma
Will Fuller - Notre Dame
* I know what you are thinking. What about Corey Coleman and Josh Doctson? Both are excellent receivers but I am going for a full season evaluation. They had 0 TDs after Nov. 5.

Tight End
Hunter Henry - Arkansas - Michigan's Jake Butt was a close second.

Offensive Tackles
Jack Conklin - Michigan State
Cam Robinson - Alabama

Offensive Guard
Dan Feeney - Indiana
Greg Pyke - Georgia
* Ross Pierschbacher was not nominated.

Ryan Kelly - Alabama - This is not a homer pick. He was hands down the top center this year.

Defensive Ends
DeForest Buckner - Oregon - In on a sack in each of the Ducks' last 8 games. Potential top 10 pick in a year loaded with DEs.
Derek Barnett - Tennessee - Consistently strong.
* Again, I was looking at consistency and especially how guys do against top flight competition. I passed on a lot of big names because they tended to disappear. No Bama players nominated.

Defensive Tackles
A'Shawn Robinson - Alabama
Cory "C.J." Johnson - Kentucky

Reggie Ragland - Alabama - Again, this is no homer pick. He made that defense hum.
Kentrell Brothers - Missouri - An outstanding season from an underrated player. Double digit tackles in all but one game.
Leonard Floyd - Georgia - Vital cog in Athens.

Jalen Ramsey - Florida State
Jourdan Lewis - Michigan
* Cyrus Jones not nominated.

Jeremy Cash - Duke
Jayron Kearse - Clemson

Jake Elliott - Memphis

Tom Hackett - Utah - Easy pick.

Return specialist
Cameron Sutton - Tennessee - The sexy/lazy choice is McCaffrey. However, Sutton averaged 18.68 yards per punt return. McCaffrey did not return punts but was EIGHTH in kickoff return average.

Offensive Player of the Year
Derrick Henry - Alabama

Defensive Player of the Year
DeForest Buckner - Oregon - Remember this name.

Coach of the Year
Nick Saban - Alabama - It's amazing how much people take what he does for granted. Coming into the season with questionable OL, kicker and secondary, while breaking in a new QB, coupled with a "Dynasty is Dead" upset to Ole Miss, how many coaches could have come back from that and win it all? Les Miles didn't. Not Jimbo Fisher. It wasn't Art Briles or Brian Kelly. Only one coach could've salvaged the season and his name is Nick Saban.