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Houndstooth Heroes Is Racing Away.

...Dawkins and Metz have packed up their bags, and are off to their own digs.

Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

As you know, we hosted a few different Alabama-related podcasts this season (and certainly did so in a baffling manner to outsiders.)

A brief explanation is necessary. Three of the programs that have appeared here were formerly associated with Several upheavals happened at a corporate and technical level which made working with ASR no longer a feasible option.

For instance, Pigskin Playback, ordinarily our 90-minute wrap-up/preview show featuring beat reporters and writers for other sites/teams was given three producers in three weeks. Payroll was not met. And, in the middle of the season, in our fourth year of highly successful ratings, we were informed to cut the content down to less than half an hour.

The money doesn't matter. But. substance and analysis had to matter over SEO-driven quick-hitters. So, Thomas and I took our ball and went home. Not everyone was so lucky.

That brings us back to HH. The lifestyle-focused Heroes were popular on the network, but like so many old guard programs with a following, were driven out. The same story was repeated with several long-running and highly-rated programs over and again. Fortunately, HH has niow gotten their site live, are working on an Alabama podcast-related umbrella site.

We as a community provided them with a home, and the fellows asked me to share this presser with you:

First and foremost, thank you to Roll ‘Bama Roll and its readers for giving us a voice through our podcast and, with that, the confidence to launch our project.

Our goal is provide lifestyle content for the ‘Bama fan -- traveling to an away game, searching for Alabama-made products or are interested in the human interest stories behind the program. We will continue to provide our insight on games, but we don’t pretend to be experts in Xs and Os. Folks can rely on RBR for that.

In addition to our Houndstooth Heroes podcast, talented friends of the show have expressed interest in recording their own podcasts with different angles, so we plan on developing that aspect of the website as well.

We have a vision, but we are certainly open to input from anyone. If folks want to see more of something (or less), contact us and let us know. Ultimately, we can only be as successful as our visitors allow us to be.

Good luck to Dawkins and Metz. Pay them a visit sometime, and hopefully cool, expanded Alabama podcasts and programs will be in the making. They are also live on Twitter at @htoothheroes.