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Alabama Ranked No. 2 Stadium Experience In College Football

Stadium Journey magazine ranks all 128 stadium experiences, and Alabama was not found wanting.

What a blessed place
What a blessed place
Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

If you've been fortunate enough to see a game in Bryant-Denny Stadium, then you know exactly how and why Stadium Journey magazine chose Tuscaloosa as its number two destination (and the best in the SEC.)

There are rowdier places (the Swamp, Jerduhn-Hair, Baton Rouge Magicuh) but few places encapsulate the history, the excellence of college football, quite like Bryant-Denny. Nor, would I venture, do many places quite capture the palatial splendor of what blue blood programs can make of a stadium experience for schools with an illustrious history.

Sure, there are issues with vending, Tuscaloosa PD, overzealous policies etc, but the juxtaposition of modernity with the throwbacks of high school kids hustling Coca-Colas, alongside Joe Namath and other legends chewing the fat on Bryant Drive, make this old house a great place to catch a game.

With updated sights, sounds, media productions, parking and streamlined entry, it's a keeper and an SEC treasure.

2015 FBS College Football Stadium Experience Rankings - Stadium Journey

...This is the place to be on a Saturday afternoon. The fans, the city of Tuscaloosa, the food, and the game itself make Bryant-Denny Stadium a very enjoyable experience...

Check out the complete listing, BTW. It's an excellent resource for many places (although, they are wrong about the Kibbie Dome -- that can be an awesome place at times.)