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#RoadTo16 National Championship T-Shirts Are Here!

Somebody’s got to pave the #RoadTo16, right?

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So, I told you guys I was working on something special for the game (and another one is in the offing if Alabama wins next Monday in Glendale.) Want to see why I've not slept the past three nights?

In association with Breaking T, we're very proud to offer these Roll 'Bama Roll "Road To 16" shirts, featuring a new spin on the old school Stampy!

The best part? If you order today or tomorrow, they will likely be in your mailbox by Monday, just in time to watch the Tide win its 16th National Title!

Breaking T can be found at

The shirt, for those of you with AOL browsers, can be found at:

I love these so very, very much. And we hope you do too.

Remember: all proceeds go to our arthritis treatment for firing off these #hottakes 24/7/365, so buy one!