That Time Lane Kiffin's Dad Pulled A Phil Fulmer On Clemson's Danny Ford

Monte & Lane Kiffin during the USC days. - Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

Once upon a time, shortly after Clemson won the national championship in 1981, the NCAA popped the school with probation and loss of schollys.

The rumor at the time was that then-NC State head coach Monte Kiffin was the one who snitched on the Tigers (here's a fun photo of the elder Kiffin and his staff from 1980). Kiffin denied reporting Clemson to the NCAA but added, "If I had, I wouldn't have been wrong."

Clemson Coach Danny Ford seems to have believed otherwise and confronted the NC State coach at midfield after a 1982 game between the two teams.

"Ain't no telling what I said after the game," Ford told reporters following the incident. "But if I said it, I said it."

This little imbroglio re-emerged in 2008 after Clemson coach Tommy Bowden was fired (following a game which you might have heard about) and Clemson was pondering hiring Lane Kiffin as the head coach of the Tigers. Needless to say, Clemson boosters balked at the prospect of their old nemesis on the sideline in Death Valley.

Instead, the younger Kiffin replaced famous SEC snitch Phil Fulmer at Tennessee bringing his father along to Knoxville.

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