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Crimson Power Rankings: Week 6

What happened to the secondary??

NCAA Football: Alabama at Arkansas Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

Though its getting later into the season where single game performances don’t affect a player’s standings within the team as much, this Arkansas game caused some shakeups and some difficult decisions for me. The top four remain an echelon above the rest, but after that, things get murky

The Crimson Power Rankings

  1. DE- Jonathan Allen (1)
  2. JACK- Tim Wiliams (4)
  3. WR- Calvin Ridley (2)
  4. WLB- Reuben Foster (3)
  5. P- J.K. Scott (6)
  6. CB/STAR- Minkah Fitzpatrick (8)
  7. S- Eddie Jackson (5)
  8. LT- Cam Robinson (7)
  9. DT- Da’Ron Payne (14)
  10. RB- Damien Harris (NR)
  11. MLB- Shaun Hamilton (15)
  12. SLB- Ryan Anderson (10
  13. CB- Marlon Humphrey (9)
  14. DE- Dalvin Tomlinson (11)
  15. LG- Ross Pierschbacher (NR)
  16. QB-Jalen Hurts (12)

What happened to the defensive backs?

Eddie Jackson was almost a nonfactor and had a couple of bad plays. Ronnie Harrison is still struggling in pass coverage anywhere that isn’t in the center of the defense. Marlon Humphrey had a zone bust and has spent the last two weeks being victimized by opposing QBs.

Harrison has already dropped from the list, but Humphrey and Jackson have both fallen a little ways this week.

On the other hand, Minkah Fitzpatrick had an exceptional game and moved up a couple of spots, even if two of his picks were more of just terrible throws by the quarterback.

Lastly, I’ve been hesitant to put Anthony Averett in the top 16, but he keeps playing better every week. If only the Tide didn’t have so many other great players...

Core Four

Jonathan Allen holds onto his top spot because of his track record of sustained success and well-rounded game, but Tim Williams has been playing on a different plane of existence than the rest of college football for the last game and a half.

Reuben Foster continues to be much faster than a middle linebacker should be allowed to be, and Calvin Ridley is still Calvin Ridley.

Post Arkansas Risers

In the past years, the players known for being run-stopping specialists usually showed their skill against teams such as Arkansas and LSU, so you’d expect DT Da’Ron Payne and LB Shaun Hamilton to have an impact.

But what I didn’t expect was just how much of an impact they had against the clicking Arkansas passing game. Payne, a 320 pound man, nimbly sidestepped a number of blockers and harassed Austin Allen more all night than any player not named Tim Williams.

Hamilton was seen laying the wood not just on running backs, but on receivers too. He even made a couple of good plays in pass coverage.

Damien Harris is back

Last week, I speculated that Harris might end up supplanted by Joshua Jacobs as the main running back. Jacobs looked good on one carry, but then went out the rest of the game with a shoulder issue. In his stead, Harris regained his lead role and rewarded the Tide with his best game yet. He showed power, elusiveness, vision, and even managed to score a long touchdown without getting caught from behind.

Not only that, but Bo Scarbrough looked to have a little more fire behind him tonight and he came in to spell Harris as the relief back.

Throw in Jacobs once he’s healthy, and the Tide has a ridiculous bevy of rushing weapons to utilize.

Should be on the list

Anthony Averett, as mentioned above, should be on the list. He’s been extremely consistent ever since his rough start to the season.

Jonah Williams, O.J. Howard, and Josh Jacobs have also all been solid players in their own right, but I was having trouble slotting them in above any of the others above them.

ArDarius Stewart also belongs in the top 16, if not top 10, but needs to get some more playing time and make more of an impact after missing two and a half games to his knee injury before he can make it back.

Tell me in the comments how wrong I am

Most of you probably believe Jalen Hurts should be higher. I don’t. He hasn’t made many mistakes (which is really all we need from a freshman QB for now), but he hasn’t been enough of a difference maker to climb much higher than he is now.

Do you think Bradley Bozeman and/or Jonah Williams should be on the list? Both played very well this week, along with the rest of the offensive line.

Any other disagreements? Feel free to argue below. Or post your own top 16 list for the rest of the anonymous internet to tell you how wrong you are.