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Alabama Football Film Room: Gehrig Dieter against the Vols

Gehrig Dieter is already well-acquainted with Tennessee’s secondary.

NCAA Football: Alabama vs Southern California Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Gehrig Dieter, possibly after seeing how Richard Mullaney did as a graduate transfer at Alabama, decided to add to an already-stacked wide receiver corps this offseason. He was a 3 star recruit who initially signed with SMU. After a single season with the Mustangs, Dieter transferred to Bowling Green; and that’s where he made his impact.

Dieter finished in the top ten in receptions last season, and he racked up 1,033 yards with those 94 catches. He headed for more Crimson pastures, however, and joined a crowded group. Dieter made an early impression, outplaying guys like Robert Foster and Cam Sims; and he’s been the #3 receiver after Calvin Ridley and ArDarius Stewart. His sure-hands have bordered on stone-hands at times this year, but there’s a reason he’s still the #3 going into the Third Saturday in October.

Dieter is no stranger to Tennessee having balled against them last year. He hauled in 7 catches for 133 yards and a touchdown. Let’s watch him torch the Vols.

1st and 10: Dieter is the lone wide out to the left, and the corner is in press coverage on him. Dieter releases to the outside; and, after some handfighting, gains separation from the defensive back. QB Matt Johnson lofts one that’s almost too far, but Dieter snags it and rolls to the ground for a big gain.

1st and 10: Bowling Green runs the same play here with a slightly different formation. Dieter is again by himself on the left in single coverage. Again he releases to the outside, and again he wins separation. It’s an easy throw, and Dieter makes the grab for the touchdown.

1st and 10: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Dieter running a fly route down the sideline has been pretty effective for the Falcons so far, so they keep going back to it. Dieter isn’t able to separate from the cornerback this time, and he’s fighting with the corner the whole time. Johnson drops a well-placed ball, and Dieter hangs on with the corner on his back and the safety coming over.

2nd and 4: The corner is playing a few yards off Dieter this time. He breaks on an in route and then angles up field. Dieter boxes the cornerback out, but Johnson throws it a little bit behind him. Dieter catches it, but the placement lets the defensive back get in there. Dieter does an excellent job of holding tight, though; and he gets the reception.

2nd and 8: The Vols are giving Dieter some cushion now. He’s lined up once more by himself on the left side. Dieter just runs a simple five yard hitch. Johnson’s already throwing the ball by the time Dieter is turned. He catches it with both hands out in front of his body. Easy pitch and catch to set Bowling Green up for 3rd and short.