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SATIRE: Have you been butthurt by the Alabama Crimson Tide? You know who to call.

The best seventy-nine seconds you’ll spend today.

Alabama v Tennessee Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Yesterday was fun wasn’t it? Well, unless you’re a Vol fan, in which case you are still intoxicated on a noxious cocktail of whining about officials, wanting to fire your coach, and an overabundance of #butthurt.

The latter is not an uncommon theme, to be sure. But, few fan bases have really nailed-down the art form of ass grief quite like the Tigers, the Vols, and the other Tigers.

You can’t dispute facts with these people, so this is where satire comes.

Today’s object lesson arrives via Bobby Wesson (@bobby_wesson on the Twitter machines.) And, these precious 79 seconds are so very worth your time: I literally cried the second time I watched it.