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Roll ‘Bama Roll Facebook Live Q&A/AMA: give us your burning questions and furtive desires

We’re trying something new, and we need your help.

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As you’ve noticed, this season we haven’t had a dedicated podcast as in years past. Instead, we’re doing a lot more media appearances, a weekly radio show, and the like. But, we are going to try something new this week.

And we need your help.

Sunday, at 7:00 CDT, on the Roll ‘Bama Roll Facebook page we’ll be streaming a Facebook Live Q&A/Ask Me Anything session. Better than us just talking about what we find important, we’ll discuss what you want to talk about, or any questions you have that we just haven’t yet answered in our coverage of the Alabama Crimson Tide. With this being the Tide’s bye week, this seems as good a time as any to give this a go

(Also, Corporate told us we had to do video — not like I particularly wanted to mess with Facebook or video, if we’re being honest here. But, as you will discover when you tune in, I am a very beautiful man, a warrior-poet, a tender lover, a scholarly raconteur, and I only possess a mild accent for such an unrepentant hillperson. So, maybe that will make it worth your while.)

You know what to do: Hit us below with some questions, comments, topics you want to discuss, etc, and we’ll try and get to them in a timely, mostly-sober fashion on Sunday evening.

If you’re too embarrassed to chime in publicly, you can email those to me at

Thanks, and Roll Tide.

Erik Evans

Roll ‘Bama Roll

Editor in Chief, Directorate of Hot Takes

PROGRAMMING NOTE: This morning we have the good Doctor’s breakdown of the Alabama defense vs. Texas A&M at 8:00. At 9:00 we’ll have the Jumbo Package for your perusal. This weeks odds and betting lines will be live at 10:30. And, at 1:00 we’ll have the first part of our exhaustive Blogger Roundtable on Alabama hoops (all time Central.) If you’ve not read Parker’s excellent preview from yesterday, you should do that. It’s going to be an exciting season.

See you in the comments.