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Who needs a blogpoll: Week 6 Contenders take care of business in dominating fashion.

Only the order changes, but the P5 conferences still rule the roost.

Michigan v Rutgers Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

I tried a new format here with SBN/Vox’s monstrous new proprietary “chorus” web editor. To say I hate this thing does disservice to the word hate. Anyway, here’s the WNaBP for Week 6.

Criteria: Just a reminder: this not a power poll, a projection going forward, nor a straight SOS or MOV analysis. The WNaBP does take into account injuries, bye weeks, background intangibles, and it does pay a little attention to the point spread.

  • Best collection of wins
  • Single best overall win
  • Competitiveness & MOV (even in a loss)
  • Talent level
  • Schedule, including how past opponents looked against their opponents
  • My lying eyeballs
  • And, finally, Baylor shall never be ranked.


Alabama Crimson Tide


Texas A&M Aggies


Washington Huskies


Michigan Wolverines


Clemson Tigers


Ohio State Buckeyes


Nebraska Cornhuskers


Tennessee Volunteeers


Louisville Cardinals


Wisconsin Badgers


Houston Cougars


Boise State Broncos


Ole Miss Rebels


Miami Hurricanes


Western Michigan Broncos


Navy Midshipmen


Virginia Tech Hokies


West Virginia Mountaineers


Washington State Cougars


Oklahoma Sooners


Toledo Rockets


Florida Gators


Florida State Seminoles


Arkansas Razorbacks


Auburn Tigers

On Deck:

NCSU Wolfpack, BYU Cougars, Pitt Panthers, TCU Horned Frogs

Hurting nothing: Alabama smacked around a ranked team, with a top-10 QB, on the road, in a game nowhere as close as the final score. Michigan showed its lack of class throwing on first down, up by 8 TDs, late, but it's hard to ignore that defense. Ohio State's passing game stunk it the f*** up everywhere, but it's ALSO hard to ignore how very good the Buckeyes are along both fronts and how deep the running game goes. Urban Meyer grabbed it right in the p*****, where "it" is the sorry-ass middle/bottom of the Big Ten.

Mea culpa: I thought about ranking you last week, Navy and Va. Tech. I should have....the Middies have crushed everyone except nemesis AFA on the road and, well, the Hokies probably want a do-over vs. Tennessee. That first half against the Vols wasn't a fluke. And, unlike most teams in the Hurricane Matthew muck, Justin Fuente figured out the manball formula.

Damn, you good: We should just spot Mike Leach an early dumb loss and an even dumber loss against an FCS team. When conference season rolls around, that defensive line wakes up and Falk comes alive. Wazzu's beating of the Trees on the road was in many ways better than the Doogs win in Seattle.

Rebounding nicely: Props to the 'Noles, who looked like we thought they could be.

Blech: Auburn has a nice two-man game in the running department, a competent QB, and an excellent front-four to pair with a decent, but no-name, secondary. Take this team lightly at your own risk.

No movement: Aggies were +8 in TOs versus a Tennessee team that was tougher, stronger and just plain bigger and meaner...and it still took them two overtimes to dispatch the Vols. Alabama has a very hard, or ridicuously easy, next two weeks, depending on your view of these two. I still think they're both Top 10. Vols outcoached, outhit, outplayed, outgained the Aggies on the road.

G5 participant: Boise State

Playoffs (in order:) Alabama Crimson Tide, Ohio State Buckeyes, Washington Huskies, Clemson Tigers