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Beautiful Bryant-Denny architectural blueprints now available: And you can win one!

Roll ‘Bama Roll/Ballpark Blueprints Holiday Giveaway: A must-have for Alabama fans

(c) Ballpark Blueprints Ltd, used with permission

At Roll ‘Bama Roll, we receive a lot of marketing materials for products available for Alabama fans, and we receive even more inquiries seeking to advertise ‘Bama-themed products to you. You come here for #content and those #hot #takes, not for us to sell things to you. So, we screen those inquiries closely so as not to waste your time.

However, when we do find gems that we think you’d love, or products that we think would make fantastic gifts for your Crimson Tide friends and families, we pass those along to you.

Today, we share such a product: Roll ‘Bama Roll is very pleased to pass along the outstanding work of Ballpark Blueprints Ltd. to you. Thomas Young and his group of artists have selected legendary venues — college and pro, across a wide range of sports (even golf courses,) and have crafted simply gorgeous architectural blueprints and architecturally-themed products based upon those ballparks.

The prices are exceptionally reasonable, and the art is available for a wide range of budgets and are branded on a wide range of products — from calendars, tee shirts, and coffee mugs all the way to prints, gift cards, and centerpiece-worthy framed canvases.

I was so impressed at the uniqueness and quality of the art, that I immediately wrote Thomas back telling him that I would definitely share their work and requested information on ordering one for myself.

The excellent folks at Ballpark Blueprints one-upped that inquiry and generously donated a Bryant-Denny blueprint to give away to one of our lucky readers. And now you can win it!

(c) Ballpark Blueprints Ltd, used with permission


  • To be eligible to win, you must explain why you deserve this excellent piece of Gumpabilia. Please leave your groveling, entreaties, rational justifications, and the like below in the comments or on our Facebook page.
  • Only one entry per person is permitted — so, either, one Facebook comment or one message on this page.
  • Persons entering more than once shall be disqualified (Please read that again so there are no hard feelings.)
  • No editor, staff, contributor, employee, independent contractor, or any other person affiliated with Roll ‘Bama Roll, SB Nation, or Vox Media, Inc. shall be eligible to win. Sorry, guys and gals. You/I/we do great work, but this is a holiday gift for our readers.
  • Likewise no family, friends, spouses, lovers, partners, or business associates of any editor, writer, contributor, employee, independent contractor or any other person affiliated with Roll ‘Bama Roll, SB Nation, or Vox Media shall be permitted to enter or win.
  • The winner shall be chosen by the Editors during the week of the Iron Bowl with our usual dictatorial capriciousness and biting sarcasm. The winner shall be publicly announced at that time.
  • Prizes for the winning entry shall be shipped directly to you from Ballpark Blueprints Ltd.


(c) Ballpark Blueprints Ltd, used with permission

There are hundreds of thousands of you, and just one prize. So, I definitely understand your sentiment. So, if you don’t fancy your chances or you don’t win our Holiday Giveaway, we still have something for you!

From now until Christmas eve, you can get 16% off when you order and use the promo code SBNATION16.

That’s what we have for you this Holiday season. So, please drop by and visit Ballpark Blueprints and shop their catalogue. These prints make fantastic gifts and add a bespoke touch to any sports collection. (I was not joking, by the way: I got one for myself, and can’t wait ‘til it arrives. It will have a great home over the fireplace. I’ll share a photo of it on our Twitter feed when it arrives and I get it on the wall.)

Again, thank you to Thomas and Ballpark Blueprints, and thank you to our readers. Best of luck and Roll Tide!

P.S. Speaking of contests: We have our Bye Week Haiku contest winners. Stick around later this afternoon for the winning entries and some excellent runners-up!