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The Wheel of TOTO Domination: LSU week

In what creative way will the Tide score this week?

Yamaha's 125th Anniversary Dealer Concert Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Yamaha

Before the Texas A&M game two weeks ago, we introduced a fun little contest asking the commentariat to predict who will score the next D/ST touchdown and how. While there were no exact matches since the recovery was not made in the end zone, the judges have named the keeper as the winner of round one, correctly predicting that Jonathan Allen would score on a fumble recovery:

Congratulations! You win a free RBR membership for the next year* and the commensurate bragging rights.

Alabama has now scored a TOTO in ten consecutive games, and will look to keep the streak alive on Saturday in Death Valley. Who will be the next defender or special teams ace to put the ball in the end zone, and how will it happen? Tell us in the comments and win your own free membership and bragging rights!

Roll Tide.

*Subject to community guidelines. Excessive cussin’ and other abuses may be subject to revocation of the free year. Offer may be rescinded at any time, with or without notice, based on the mood of your RBR overlords.