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Crimson Power Rankings: Week 12

Can I just drop the whole team by 1 spot?

NCAA Football: Chattanooga at Alabama Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

This late in the season, you’re seeing very little movement in the rankings each week. At this point, we all know who the best players are and who will make the biggest impact week-in and week-out.

Compound that with the fact that Alabama just won a game against an FCS squad while sleepwalking with an extremely vanilla game plan, and you get what is easily the most boring set of rankings this season.

The Crimson Power Rankings

  1. DE-Jonathan Allen (1)
  2. WLB-Reuben Foster (2)
  3. JACK-Tim Williams (3)
  4. P-J.K. Scott (4)
  5. SLB-Ryan Anderson (5)
  6. FS/CB/STAR-Minkah Fitzpatrick (6)
  7. WR-Calvin Ridley (7)
  8. LT-Cam Robinson (9)
  9. CB-Anthony Averett (10)
  10. DT-Da’Ron Payne (11)
  11. WR-ArDarius Stewart (8)
  12. CB-Marlon Humphrey (9)
  13. QB-Jalen Hurts (15)
  14. MLB-Shaun Hamilton (14)
  15. TE-O.J. Howard (16)
  16. SS-Ronnie Harrison (NR)

Like I said, there’s little change

The only real movement this time was that ArDarius Stewart dropped a few spots due to his disciplinary absence this week. This allowed Cam Robinson, Anthony Averett, and Da’Ron Payne to all move forward by default.

After an abysmall performance by the entire middle of the offensive line, Ross Pierschbacher dropped back off from his precarious perch in favor of Ronnie Harrison, who led the team in tackles last week.

I also debated moving punter J.K. Scott up to #3 over Tim Williams, but he IS still a punter. An immortal punter, maybe, but still a punter.

Rounding it out

Like sharks waiting for a seagull to land, there is a group of players just waiting for a single player on the list to fall. Damien Harris, Dalvin Tomlinson, Ross Pierschbacher, and Jonah Williams lead that charge, and any one of the four could sneak back onto the list with just one breakout game.

Since there was little change this week, it might get a bit boring. To spice things up, here’s a challenge for those of you in the comments: make your own top 16 and post it. Let’s see how different everyone’s lists are.

Then we can all denigrate each other for our opinions, because this is the internet.

Just make sure you hate on Auburn afterwards.