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Victory Thread: Alabama defeats LSU 10-0

How about that Alabama defense?

NCAA Football: Alabama at Louisiana State John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Well, that was a true defensive slugfest. Either that, or a showing of two very anemic offenses. Not sure which.

Either way, the Tide slipped past LSU with what amounted to a herculean effort by the defense, holding the Tigers to 125 yards on 51 plays, or 2.4 yards per play. LSU also only managed 6 first downs in the entire game, as opposed to 8 total punts. For the third year in a row, All-world running back Leonard Fournette was completely shut down to the tune of 35 yards on 17 carries.

On offense, Alabama was able to do little other than a few scattered runs by Jalen Hurts, including a 23-yard draw on 3rd and 15 that was likely the most integral play in icing the game away.

If you’re still in a strong enough emotional state to watch football, the Washington-Cal game is currently still in the first quarter and might be a good one to fall asleep to.

We’re still undefeated. Roll Tide!