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Jumbo Package: Apocalyptic Gump Day

If you’re reading this, it turns out the world didn’t end last night.

NCAA Football: Alabama at Louisiana State John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Apparently something happened last night?

I don’t know, Alabama is still #1 in the nation. All is right in the world.

Why Cole Cubelic was impressed watching Alabama star Cam Robinson vs. LSU

"I would give him an A+, probably a 9 ½ out of 10 on effort," said Cubelic, who is a contributor for "He played with a very different effort, attitude and mindset in that game Saturday night. I think, more than anything, he played angry. I thought he played pissed off, which was refreshing to see. You watch it, and you're impressed with what he does. He's 15-20 yards downfield trying to make blocks. He's hustling his ass off out on screens. He's taking quicker pass sets and more deliberate pass sets. And it's like, 'Wow. This is impressive.'"

Cubelic is a Barner, so you know it has to hurt to give glowing compliments to an Alabama player. Cam Robinson was considered a shoe-in to be a future top-10 draft pick after an outstanding freshman season; however, he hasn’t seemed to show much improvement after that freshman season. As this season has gone on though, he’s been showing more and more consistency in his game. While still an imperfect tackle, his effort has never been in question. Just watch any game and you’ll see him sprinting 15 yards to the sideline to make a block for a receiver screen.

What one Alabama linebacker sees when rushing the passer

That's where the balance comes into the equation. Defensive lineman Dalvin Tomlinson has three sacks, but probably could have more if not for the speed on the edge. Those outside linebackers disrupt pockets before the linemen can fight off the front wall.

"That happens a lot because Tim and Ryan are excellent pass rushers off the edge," Tomlinson said. "They're so quick. So it's pretty much a race to the quarterback."

It may be a long time before we see a pass rush this ferocious again, if ever. Dalvin Tomlinson has been a very impressive pass rusher for years, yet his sack total is down because his own teammates keep beating him to the QB.

Also in the article is a quote from Ryan Anderson that he thinks Tim Williams would beat him in a 40-yard dash, but not the 100.... And both would beat Jonathan Allen.

Notes: Areas special teams, Tony Brown need to improve

It’s no secret Alabama’s defenders dropped some weight in the offseason to adapt to the trend of spread-you-out, uptempo offenses in college football. And one of the most notable players was linebacker Reuben Foster, who said he is down to 225 pounds after weighing 240 a season ago as a junior. So is Foster suited for today’s game and the way offenses are going?

“First of all, Reuben plays well whether we’re playing against a direct-run team or a spread team,” Saban said. “I think that there were guys in the past that would play better against direct-run teams and struggle a little more when you got to the spread type teams because you have to play more effectively in space. Reuben just happens to be a guy that can do both of those things very well.

This right here is why Reuben Foster will almost assuredly be a top-20 draft pick. While an exceptional, yet traditional, linebacker like Reggie Ragland dropped to the second round due to his big play style, Foster will have NFL teams drooling with his exceptional ability to cover in the passing game as well as roam sideline to sideline to make tackles.

Not only that, but I think he’s going to blow the combine out of the water with his sheer explosiveness. Don’t be surprised to see him at the top of the list for linebackers in his broad and vertical jumps.

Finding Time the Key for Nation's No. 1 Recruit, RB Najee Harris

The early graduation has accelerated Harris' time frame too- there will likely be no wait until Signing Day to finalize any decision.

It will have to come before then.

"I passed my SAT's so I can graduate early and I have seven weeks left of high school," said Harris. "I'll go from San Antonio from the Army Bowl, the game is January 7th, and they said I could go after the game, hop on a plane and be somewhere."

So that's where the time crunch becomes key for Harris.

But again, he doesn't want his focus to be on his recruitment, but on his Antioch team and helping them win an NCS title that eluded them by a matter of feet a year ago.

There’s been some hand-wringing among Bama fans that Harris, the top recruit in the nation, may end up somewhere else after staying committed to Bama for the last year and a half.

Personally, I think he’s a very solid commit, and is just wanting to get some sight seeing done before his senior year is over.

No news is good news. The longer he goes without changing his commitment, the more likely we’ll be to hold onto it.

Alabama football: Two key players limited and more as Tide continues Mississippi State prep

Running back Bo Scarbrough (knee) was limited for the second straight day. Scarbrough participated in a few individual drills, but he was spotted walking the field with head athletic trainer Jeff Allen during group drills. Scarbrough is still wearing a brace on his right knee.

Right guard Lester Cotton was limited. He didn’t participate in any drills during the viewing period. It’s worth noting that Cotton has been limited during the week before, but it hasn’t caused him to miss any game time.

With Cotton out, Joshua Casher stepped in at right guard with the first-team offensive line. Casher has spent time at both center and guard during his time at Alabama.

The injury might explain the lack of Bo in the LSU game even after he proved to be the only viable offensive weapon early in the game. Here’s to hoping he gets better. After all, who else is going to make all the LSU fans act like angry children block for Jalen Hurts and the receivers on running plays?

The link also has interviews with Ronnie Harrison, Calvin Ridley, and Dalvin Tomlinson, if listening to those is up your alley.

That’s it for today. Good luck out there in the real world, guys, and remember: Alabama is unquestionably the best team in football.