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Alabama Basketball Recruiting Profile: PG/SG Collin Sexton

Tide looks to pickup its backcourt player since Latrell Sprewell via USA Basketball

Be excited. There are two schools at play for Collin Sexton: The Alabama Crimson Tide and the Kansas Jayhawks. And, all signs point to Sexton suiting up in Crimson. (The 247 tracker even has Sexton listed as an 89% pickup for the Tide.)

Collin Sexton is as gifted a guard as Alabama will have ever signed. The 6’2” 5-star, and consensus No. 2 point recruit out of Mableton, Georgia has a little bit of do-it-all to him.

Sexton distributes the ball very well, and generally looks to feed other players on the break. However, he is a slasher to the basket, can create his own shot, and is a more than capable shooter from beyond the arc — he has a devastating fall-away jumper off the dribble-drive, and a remarkable quick first step. While he could be a little more physical to sustain the physical beatings he would face in the SEC, Sexton is already fairly conditioned for his age and position.

Sexton also has very good defensive instincts, though he will need some polishing on that end of the court, as well as feeding the post in the halfcourt — both of these are very coachable, however, and Coach Johnson is exactly the right fit for his skills set. But, where he excels the most is as a scorer. He is one of the leading scorers in the nation, and with his complete arsenal of tools, it’s easy to see why.

This year Sexton has averaged 28.3 points per game, 7.4 rebounds, 2.9 assists and 2.1 steals. Take a look at his matchup with Davion Mitchell (Sexton is in orange) and be excited.

Hope for the best and #BuckleUp