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College Football Playoff 2016: Alabama-Washington set for Peach Bowl

At 11:00 Central the Tide finds its dancing partner in Atlanta.

It's official: We're in

Roll Tide Roll!

Posted by Roll 'Bama Roll on Sunday, December 4, 2016

This was a fairly uneventful weekend in the grander scheme, but had some decent games to watch: Penn State, one of the hottest teams in the nation, fell into an early hole, but dispatched Wisconsin to win the Big 10. Clemson tried its best to gack away a game it had controlled most of the night -- with characteristic secondary breakdowns and curious Dabo coaching late in the 4th. Oklahoma and the Pokes were in a chippy Bedlam game that was tight until the Sooners superior running game put it out of reach.

Friday night, the Washington Huskies obliterated an injury-ravaged and error-prone Colorado team. Saturday afternoon Alabama drowned Florida’s hopes and dreams in a shallow bathtub of misery and ineptitude.

Ohio State and Michigan watched.

So, today at 11 we find out the seeds and who is in. There is more and more noise to move Penn State to the 4th seed, and I agree with that. Penn State murdered Iowa, rang up two Top 10 wins the last 5 weeks, won the Big Ten and beat Ohio State head-to-head. Yes, the loss to Michigan was ghastly, but teams improve. Some improve a lot (USC, Oklahoma, and, yes, Penn State.) Washington, meanwhile, has slowly ground the Pac 12 into paste this season. However, in two of its biggest games the Doogs looked lost (Utah) or completely outclassed (USC.)

So, who knows if the Nittany Lions make the jump from 7th to 4th. Who knows if the Committee thinks that Michigan, sitting at No. 5, is more worthy than the Huskies or the Lions (who they beat 48-10 in late September.)

Discuss it below. And tell us who your four are and why.

We’ll also be joining SBN’s Wake Up College Football at 12:00 Central to talk about Alabama’s opponent and the Tide’s limitations, such as they are.

You can tune in to the livestream here: