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Fear The Process t-shirts are here: Trust the Process and live it, so that others may fear it.

You’re going to love these.

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Last year, as you may recall, we worked with Breaking-T to do a playoff “Road to 16” championship t-shirt. Following the 38-0 shellacking of Michigan State we brought you some delightful “Alabama Does” shirts (more on that in a second.)

Both of those were received so well that we decided to team up with Breaking-T again to do a more all-purpose shirt, suitable for any game and any time.

Here is what we designed, and you’re going to love them:

Simple. Understated. Classic block-serif collegiate font on an Alabama Pantone 209 crimson t-shirt.

Get them here, from Breaking-T. Makes a great gift and is a super-sweet way to Gump out without wearing a dated shirt.

Speaking of Gumping out, I asked Nick and the guys at Breaking-T about whether or not there were any of the very popular “Alabama Does” t-shirts that were left from last year.

You’re in luck. If you missed them last season, there are still some of these beauties left too:

So, there you are. Buy one, buy ten, support the site. I hope you like the new version. I worked pretty hard designing something that I thought would resonate with Alabama fans generally, and our readership especially.

Roll ‘Bama Roll: The champagne of Alabama blogs.