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Jumbo Package: Friday, 9 December 2016

Crimson Tide news and notes.

Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Friday, everyone. We're down to 22 days until Alabama takes the field against Washington. We'll start with the latest on Kiffin and the quarterback situation:

Nick Saban discusses Lane Kiffin status, if he'd be with Alabama for playoff |

"Yeah, I've spoken to Lane," Saban said. "As far as I know, I don't think anything has been decided about that officially. So, I'm sure the University of Houston will make an announcement about who their coach is when they're ready to do that. "We're very supportive of Lane in terms of him having an opportunity to be a head coach again after the great job that he did for us. So hopefully that or some other opportunity will work out well for him so he gets the opportunity to be a head coach again."

Nick Saban clarifies Lane Kiffin's status

Saban also addressed Cooper Bateman and David Cornwell transferring. Bateman, a redshirt junior, has one year of eligibility and Cornwell, a redshirt sophomore, has two.

"They have every intention of finishing the season," Saban said. "I think these are situations when a younger guy won the job this year that these guys want to play someplace, and we want to -- Cooper is a graduate, so he'll be a graduate transfer, and we're very supportive of these guys.

"They've done a fantastic job for us, and we hope that they get a good opportunity and a chance to play someplace. But they will be with our team, and they're all anxious to finish the season with us."

This all came out early yesterday, but at this point it appears that the QB deal was much ado about nothing in terms of guys leaving before the playoff, and as of now I'd expect Kiffin to stick around as well. All indications are that he will be a head coach next season, in Tampa if not Houston. LSU beat writer Glenn Guilbeau weighed in on the Kiffin-to-LSU rumors:

That about sums it up. Lane was never taking a lateral, no matter how much LSU fans wanted it to be. Coach O's mouth has written quite a few checks thus far. It will be interesting to see how many of those his arse can cash.

You may have heard that it is award season, and Alabama is cleaning up. Cam Robinson and Jonathan Allen added Outland and Bednarik Trophies last night. Marq Burnett caught video of both men after receiving their awards:

Congratulations to both of these gentlemen. Robinson also weighed in on playing with Jalen Hurts:

Alabama LT Cam Robinson talks NFL draft, playing with a freshman QB |

"He's incredible, man," Robinson said. "I've never seen anybody as young as he is be as composed as he is and as comfortable in the spotlight he's in. I've never seen anyone handle that as well as he has at that young of an age. To watch a guy like that come in and grow as much as he has, it's been incredible." That's saying something since Robinson was the first offensive tackle to start for Saban at Alabama. "He actually did such a good job handling it, the spotlight and everything, he didn't need much guidance," Robinson said. "He came in with a great mindset and a great attitude and a great work ethic."

Indeed. His game has plenty of room for growth, but there is no questioning his makeup, work ethic, or competitiveness.

Looking back at what really happened between Alabama and Rich Rodriguez 10 years ago |

Nearly a month after Rodriguez said no, Moore finally convinced Saban to leave the Miami Dolphins for Alabama. Moore famously told Saban if didn't say yes; he couldn't go back to Alabama. "I think I'll just have them take me down to Cuba," Saban recalled Moore saying years later. After the deal was complete, Saban, his wife Terry and Moore jumped on a plane from Miami to Tuscaloosa for the new coach's introductory press conference.

Moore later told Neinas as they were in the air, Saban turned to his new boss and made only one promise. "I just want you to know you've hired a horseshit football coach," Saban told Moore.

"But nobody will out-recruit me."

I've never seen this quote before, but it may be the understatement of the century.

A couple of recruiting tid-bits:

Safety recruit Daniel Wright flips from FSU to Alabama - Tomahawk Nation

Sources say FSU’s staff had worked to keep Wright, but realized he was likely gone, to an Alabama program that isn’t really recruiting right now, but rather selecting, having had the No. 1 class nationally for seven years now.

This is a huge get for a class in need of safeties. The comment section is rather meltdown-worthy as well.

Alabama QB commit Tua Tagovailoa's father comments on hosting new Oregon coach Willie Taggart

"They're supposed to be out here to see my nephew (3-star defensive end Myron Tagovailoa) and they just wanted to speak to Tua. I'm fine with it," Galu Tagovailoa said. "I know he's a new coach and he wants to get the energy going, but at the same time, we expressed to him that Tua is locked in to Alabama. He just wanted a chance to speak with him, and I'm fine with it."

Willie, we've had a lot of respect for you around here dating back to your days at WKU, but keep your grubby paws off of Tua.

Giants preparing for major challenge in Cowboys' Ezekiel Elliott - NY Daily News

On Wednesday, Collins recalled his Alabama team's loss to Elliott's Ohio State in the Sugar Bowl following the 2014 season, which the Buckeyes won, 42-35. "They cheap shotted us. They hit all our best players," Collins said. "Oh they cheap shot me in the shoulder, (couldn't) tackle no more. Took out our best linebacker (Reggie Ragland). Blindsided him ... concussed him. Then we had a rookie in there, then they took out a defensive tackle."

Well, this is interesting. If Collins is still talking about this, you can bet that guys on the current roster have vivid memories as well. The rookie was SDH, thrown into action a bit too soon. He was blown up on a crack-back block on the back-breaking TD run from Elliott. It's a shame that he won't be able to exact his revenge should those teams meet a month from now.

Breaking news out of Knoxville:

Congrats, Vawls!

Lastly, the men's basketball team will play out in Eugene on Sunday, but there is some concern about the health of SF Nick King:

That does not sound good. Hopefully they are able to get to the bottom of it and find that it's nothing serious.

That's about it for today. Have a great weekend.

Roll Tide.