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Jake Coker: You Can't Coach That Arm

Jacob Coker was snubbed for the Combine, but if his draft preparation is any indication, Alabama's Pro Day should be a good one for him.

Erich Schlegel-USA TODAY Sports

Jacob Coker may have been snubbed for the combine, but as we've repeatedly stated (and believe in our heart of hearts) this kid has everything that the NFL wants in a modern quarterback: Size -- he's 6'5" 240; athleticism -- he runs a true sub 4.5; toughness; ability to operate out of multiple formations; big time competition; accuracy...

Oh, and an arm.

And, does Coker ever have an arm.

Anyway, PLEASE click this link and watch him deliver a six-step, 29-yard deep out on a rope -- while rolling left and throwing across his body.

Someone will draft Jake, if for no other reason than he is a rawer sort of Tyrod Taylor guy: Three years on the bench, learn the playbook, improve decision-making and mechanics and earn his rookie salary. There are far worse prospects out there.

Best of luck, Jacob.