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Don't Write Off Trent Richardson Yet

He has a real opportunity in Baltimore...

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

SB Nation's Baltimore Ravens site has a nice piece on the Trent Richardson signing today:

Don't be so quick to write off new Baltimore Ravens RB Trent Richardson - Baltimore Beatdown

This article may be laughable a few months from now. Richardson may show up in camp and display the same flaws which made him a punchline in Indianapolis. Or he could show up in great shape, and show the vision and explosiveness which made give him a 93.5 grade and ESPN give him a 97 grade entering the 2012 draft.

Ozzie is hoping it is the latter, which would make him look like a genius. If it is the former, than nothing ventured, nothing gained. The Trent Richardson from Bama and his rookie year showed elite speed, a killer stiff arm, a low center of gravity to push piles, top-notch change of direction, and the ability to bounce it outside when the holes close.

If Trent is healthy and in optimal shape, he could make some noise in Baltimore. Following stops with the Cleveland Browns, Indianapolis Colts, and Oakland Raiders, this will likely be his last chance. Good luck and Roll Tide, Trent.