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Alabama Crimson Tide at the NFL Combine: Sunday Results

Reggie Ragland ready to Roll!
Reggie Ragland ready to Roll!
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Results for three Alabama Crimson Tide defensive linemen and one linebacker at the 2016 NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis.

Reggie Ragland 6'1" 247 32" 9 7/8" 4.72 - 31.5 116.0 - 4.28
A'Shawn Robinson 6'4" 307 34 1/2" 10 1/2" 5.20 22 26.0 106.0 7.80 4.74
Jarran Reed 6'3" 307 33 3/8" 10 1/2" 5.21 - 31.0 104.0 7.77 4.75
D.J. Pettway 6'2" 265 32 1/4" 9 ½" 4.99 17 28.0 108.0 4.74 4.69

[SIDE NOTE: In 2006, former Stanford Cardinal set the all-time lowest 40 time for linebackers with a 4.40. The St. Louis Rams drafted him in the third round (77th overall) of the 2006 NFL Draft and released him a year later. The Raiders picked him up but he played his last down in 2009 without much to show for it.]

Reggie Ragland

"(Teams) see me as a Mike (linebacker) and making the calls. A lot of teams like me playing off the edge but they’d love to see me being a true Mike and making all the calls."

Ragland's ability to drop into coverage and play in open space:

"I know I can do it, I’ve done it this year and showed people I can do it. So it’s really just getting out there and keep proving people wrong because I know a lot of people think I might not can do it. I want to show people I have good hips, fluid hips and I’m able to drop in coverage and attack people in space.’’

Ragland's weight loss down 12 pounds to 247 since the Senior Bowl last month:

"I wanted to drop it and get it down so I changed my diet, I still worked out the same, I had a low carb diet and it really helped me shave down the pounds. I was eating a lot of chicken and fish, no fried foods, I didn’t eat out. My food was cooked and prepared for me, a lot of fiber.’’

He said teams did not suggest that he lose weight:

"They didn’t really tell me but I wanted to get it down for myself. That’s not me to have my weight up like that. After the national championship I gave myself a week to sit down and chill and I ended up eating too much. After that I really grinded to get my weight down.’’

A'Shawn Robinson

Keeping quarterbacks contained:

"You really need to close them, put them in a vice, put them in a trap and just make sure you don't open up the passing lanes. Sometimes they open up. Some quarterbacks are good enough to find them no matter what even if you make a vice. But you just try to close everything off all the way around."

On his look:

"It wasn't really an intimidation thing. I got into college and I was going bald. So I was like, it's time to shave it. Growing my beard ... I don't know. I don't really smile too often."

Making Nick Saban mad:

"My freshman year when I got there, I wasn't used to not hitting the quarterback. So in practice, I used to hit AJ (McCarron) all the time. He'd get mad. 'Stay off the quarterback.' But you have to hit the quarterback. If you don't hit the quarterback in practice, you're not going to hit him in the game. So you have to get those reps. I know you're not supposed to do it. It's just a habit. I stopped do it after my freshman year."

Jarran Reed

About beating blockers:

"It's just hand placement, you know, being violent, being physical and dominating the line of scrimmage. That's what that mostly means."

Trying NOT to make Nick Saban mad:

"I know one time, I guess we were doing fastball at the beginning of practice and I guess I wasn't running back to the ball fast enough. He didn't say my name. He called my number. 'Come on 90, get to the ball.' You know how Coach Saban gets. Other from that, I try to refrain from getting fussed at."