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Nigel Knott: The Right Pick Up

Not many people thought Alabama had a shot at landing the Ole Miss legacy.

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As I write this, Alabama has just signed the No. 1 overall recruiting class for an unprecedented sixth straight year -- and, with the exception of ESPN's wonky math, Alabama's class of 2016 was unanimously deemed the tops in the nation.

Despite some flaky lack of follow-through by some guys on NSD-eve, Nick Saban was able to address many areas of need in the coming years, including help at the corner position, reloading the defensive front seven, and special teams performers.

Now that the smoke has cleared, Enterprise has asked us to describe what one signing is the "The Right Pick Up" for the Tide.

There are many to choose from in this class, and I dare say you couldn't go wrong with any selection. However, I've chosen the surprise commitment of Germantown (MS) cornerback, and Ole Miss legacy, Nigel Knott.

Knott was the fifth-ranked CB prospect going into NSD2016. He is a bit smaller than the prototypical player you'd expect from Saban --Knott stands just under 6' tall and is a svelte 174 pounds. However, as with the front seven the past few seasons, the defensive backfield has recently begun adapting to the changes in the modern game -- getting more athletic, faster, a little less hulking, more focus on making plays in the air and less in defensive support against pro style squads.

In Knott's three seasons at Germantown, he showcased that athleticism, picking off eight passes and racking up 191 tackles from the corner spot.

Still it is not the measurables or production from the overall No. 36-ranked prospect that makes Knott so valuable. Rather, the intangibles make him our pick.

Knott had grown exceptionally close to elite corner Shyheim Carter, and it was rumored that the two were practically a de facto package deal. The pair want to compete against and with one another; they want to be the SEC's Yin and Yang masters of the no-fly zone. And, of course, the stunner that an Ole Miss legacy would turn his back on the Rebels to head three hours Southeast to Tuscaloosa both diminishes a divisional rival and potentially helps Alabama make inroads to talent hot spots that have traditionally shut out non-Mississippi schools.

For Nigel's verve and willingness to walk alone, for his undoubted behind-the-scenes re-recruitment of Shyheim Carter, for his pure potential, and for the gut-punch that his loss dealt the Rebels, I have no hesitation calling Nigel Knott the Roll 'Bama Roll Right Pick Up.

Roll Tide, Nigel, and welcome to the home of champions

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