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2016 NCAA Basketball Tournament - First Round Open Thread, How To Watch & Livestreaming

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Alabama's season may be over, but there's plenty of excellent basketball coming the next two weeks.

These plucky underdogs have some potential, am I right?
These plucky underdogs have some potential, am I right?
Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Madness Is Upon Us!

68 teams. 67 games. The field of 64. 1 Champion.

America's least productive two workdays begin today, with the opening round of the 2016 NCAA Basketball Tournament.You're not doing anything else the next two days, and you know it. Spend that time with us as we all procrastinate shamelessly at work

How to Watch

Obviously, you know every game is available on CBS and CBS' March Madness app. But, there are many, many other ways to stream the game.

Let the Mothership explain:

March Madness 2016 streaming: How to watch the NCAA Tournament live online -

All NCAA Tournament games can be streamed online with NCAA March Madness Live. There's also an NCAA March Madness Live app for iOS, Android, Windows 10, Amazon, and Roku, so you can watch every game, even if you're not at home or near a TV. March Madness Live has also added Chromecast support this year, so there are more ways than ever to get the game onto the TV. It should be noted that March Madness Live requires authentication through your TV provider login. You can also check out the games through online television providers like SlingTV and Playstation Vue. Those services also require a signup, but you don't need to go through a standard provider.

Truly, these are some #blessed times in which to be alive.

Broadcast teams, game locations, times, and television schedule have been wonderfully laid out by the NCAA here.

Meanwhile, CBS has the complete live schedule (all networks) here. Pregame coverage begins at 10:00 a.m. Central, with first tip at 11:15 a.m. Central.

Does RBR have a bracket challenge this year?

You bet we do. Here's your link right here. It's not too late to show us your stuff in RBR's 2016 NCAA Tournament Bracket Pick 'Em Challenge!

Sit back. Relax. Enjoy the ride. This is truly one of the most fun events in sports, and is always good for unbelievable moments and memories.