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Inside The Play: How Does Ronnie Harrison Break Up A Perfect Pass?

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On a night where superstars shined, a future Tide All-American had a textbook moment.

I love Ronnie Harrison so very much.
I love Ronnie Harrison so very much.
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Often in this space, we focus on coaching and schemes, setting up plays months and weeks in advance, and other cat-and-mouse games that help win football games.

In Glendale, we saw that to be sure. However, there are some plays that aren't defined by the bigger picture -- they are the game-winning moments that rely on behind-the-scenes coaching technique and superhuman individual effort.

Ronnie Harrison's PBU in the 3rd quarter was just such a moment versus a perfect Deshaun Watson pass that, by all rights, should have tied the game at 21-21.

More impressive, is that Harrison was beat early off the route. Observe and appreciate: