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2016 NCAA Tournament Open Thread: Sweet 16

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The SEC is down to a one-bid league, but A&M made their entrance into the Sweet 16 memorable.

What a helluva' game
What a helluva' game
Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Last weekend was very heavy on the chalk, as a lot of brand names advanced to the Sweet 16. There were some notable upsets among Final Four contenders, including SEC tournament champion Kentucky and Big Ten champion Michigan State.

Oh, and there's that little matter of Texas A&M going on a 14-2 run in the final 31 seconds of a game to force two overtimes and then defeat would-be Cinderella, Northern Iowa.

Thursday and Friday's action has some exceptional matchups on hand, especially if you like uptempo, high-scoring basketball: Duke-Oregon, UNC-Indiana, and TAMU-Oklahoma look to press the pace.

Here is your updated Sweet 16 bracket (printable) for the weekend. Use this thread to talk games on Thursday and Friday. We'll pair it down to the Final Four on Saturday/Sunday with another weekend open thread.