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Jumbo Package: Tourney Blues Edition

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With all eyes on men's basketball, the Tide fell just short -- all-but ending its NCAA chances.

My feelings too, Coach.
My feelings too, Coach.
Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

#BuckleUp instant analysis: Alabama's tourney hopes take major hit in loss to Arkansas |

With six games remaining in the SEC schedule, The Washington Post's bracket expert Patrick Stevens told Alabama looked to be in good shape to make the NCAA Tournament, but it couldn't afford bad losses at home. Alabama had three home games remaining on the slate -- Mississippi State, Auburn and Arkansas -- and unfortunately for Avery Johnson and Co., the Tide lost two of three games to SEC bottom-dwellers. Arkansas, a team arriving on a three-game winning streak, delivered what could be the final dagger to Alabama's NCAA Tournament chances.

Last night hurt, you guys. We give Avery Johnson a pass obviously, but there are some fair questions about personnel management at game's end. Anyway, we move along to the nigh-impossible -- Alabama needs to cobble together, at a minimum, a three-game winning streak (@ UGA, and at least two wins in Nashville.) Given the parity in the league, and the Tide's deficits at the stripe and on the boards, it's fairer to say Tuscaloosa is looking to host several NIT games.

And, you know what? That's still an amazing job for this roster, by this team, and this coach. We can second-guess the winnable games against cellar dwellers, but I'm not going to let it spoil the overall accomplishments of the Tide in CAJ's first season.

One of his best?

Alabama softball won its 15th straight game at Jacksonville State - Alabama - Scout

The hits just kept on coming. In fact, all nine of Bama’s starting hitters managed at least one base knock as the Crimson Tide won its 15th straight game with a 10-3 triumph in front of a packed stadium at University Field. Alabama improved to 16-1 with the win.

We remarked that the Tide would be significantly better at the plate this year. And, have they ever been. Coupled with the 1-2 pitching punch of Littlejohn and Osorio, 2016's red-hot Tide could be one of Coach Pat Murphy's best teams yet.


Obama honors Alabama's championship football team | College Football

"I don't feel like anybody in a leather helmet would do too well trying to tackle Derrick Henry," he added, referring to the running back and Heisman Trophy winner who is entering the NFL draft. "Of course, even with modern helmets they didn't do too well tackling Derrick Henry."

We covered this somewhat yesterday, but today's full writeup in the AP is excellence. Most of Obama's pertinent remarks -on a wide range of issues, can be read there.

19 important takeaways from the NFL Combine | FOX Sports

19. Favorite quote in Indy: Alabama defensive lineman A'Shawn Robinson asked whether he shaves his head and grows his beard for intimidation: "It wasn't an intimidation thing. I was going bald."

When you're a gargantuan, scowling, hateful monster like A'Shawn, you don't need a shaved head to intimidate. While Feldman's article ends on a lighter note, he dishes on several programs and players of note, spanning most of the conferences (and all of the quarterbacks of note.)

The 23 most perfect offenses in the history of college football -

And while I doubt anyone will feel too sorry for Crimson Tide fans, Army was so good that it overshadowed another nearly perfect football team in the South. The balance of power shifted to Notre Dame and the service academies as World War II came to a close, but that didn't stop Alabama's absurd 1945 run. The Crimson Tide scored 25 points on a Tennessee team that allowed only 27 combined in eight other games. They scored 26 on an LSU team that otherwise allowed eight per game. They scored 55 on Mississippi State, 60 on Kentucky and 71 on Vanderbilt. And in the Rose Bowl on Jan. 1, with Army at home having already secured the national title, the Tide romped over hometown USC, 34-14. Alabama averaged 43 points per game ... and was completely overshadowed.

The 1945 Tide team had one of the 23 best offenses in CFB history -- and wasn't even remembered next to those Notre Dame and Army teams.

By way of note: Not a single offense in the past 10 years has been as efficient as the so-called boring, old school offenses. The most recent "perfect" offense? 2005 USC -- and it's hard to argue eyeballs on that one.The advanced stats for the modern wide-open HUNHS, as much as they love one another in-season, don't at all care for that style of play when contrasted with how historically football has been played.

Bold predictions for 2016: Heisman, new jobs, league titles and one enormous upset | Sporting News

Lisa Horne. Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. Ever the West Coast-lifer (and long-time 'Bama hater) predicts that not only will Lane Kiffin be a head coach by season's end (not bold: He will be,) but that Alabama will lose to a PAC-12 program to start the season. You may know that team as USC, they of the first-year, first-time head coach and a roster absolutely destroyed by graduation and defections to the NFL.

What do you think? Any way Alabama loses to a rebuilt Trojans team in Arlington this year?