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Jumbo Package: The Lines Are Solid. Quarterback? Less so.

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For the third straight year, the same talking points have emerged from Spring camp regarding Alabama's quarterback roster.

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Spring Football

Saban discusses what players are stepping up along the offensive line - The Crimson White

Junior college transfer Charles Baldwin is one of those players. Baldwin, standing at 6-5, was a highly ranked junior college transfer that Alabama picked up in the class of 2016, and Saban believes Baldwin can contribute once he learns the flow of the game. "He’s got a lot of ability," Saban said. "He’s got a lot to learn. He’s got a long way to go. We’re going to continue to work with him, to get him to do things right, to get him to buy into doing things the way we need him to do them so he can have success here."

Saban also notes that Lester Cotton has done well at both right and left tackle and that Korren Kirven is another guy making splashes at practice. Overall, there is considerable optimism about the game-ready depth available along the offensive line.

Defensive line positions seem secure, but no such luck for quarterbacks with scrimmage looming - The Crimson White

"[Hand’s] made a tremendous amount of progress. He's gotten bigger and stronger. He can still run. He's still a good pass rusher. We're trying to develop him as an inside rusher as well for third downs."

Big things are expected from Hand this season, who should see a lot more time in the rotation. Saban's comments about the quarterbacks, notable Cooper Bateman and David Cornwell, were about the same as last year -- both guys have got to show more consistency, prove to the team they can move the chains, show leadership. Literally, not a soundbite has changed regarding that pair. This, of course, means Jalen Hurts is your starter out of nowhere. I jest...but not by much.

Cheatin' WOAM

Ole Miss' Hugh Freeze compares NCAA investigation to 'four-year colonoscopy'

On whispers: "Have I been insulted? Absolutely. Many times. I handle it a lot better now. … The perception out there and the narrative of all this pay-for-play that is, in my opinion, very inaccurate."

Pay for play isn't an opinion, Hugh. You either did it or you did it and haven't been hammered yet. If you think the investigation is a colonoscopy, wait until you find out what the actual sanctions feel like.

Joe Montana could have used one of these...

How a smartphone app and $15 piece of cardboard are taking on football concussions -

The user does not have much control of the simulation -- he can look around and press a button to catch the ball, but no matter what he's going to get hit. The most important choice comes after the rep when he must tell his coach whether he can keep practicing. If he decides to stay on the field, he is subjected to more hits, potentially worsening the severity of the concussion. The app was consciously designed so that, at a certain point, the user can be so concussed he can no longer discern the prompts on the screen -- essentially, the user is no longer physically able to decide what is best for his own health. The scenario is a warning of what can happen when an athlete tries to fight through symptoms.

This is a great idea to help augment trainers and docs' concussion protocols. I particularly like how they used NCAA athletes to help develop it, including Arizona's Scooby Wright. The sport has to be more proactive, in any event. Concussion lawsuits and the growing body of CTE research will do more to kill football than any legal, regulatory or financial burden ever could.

Is it 2017 yet?

Tim Tebow isn't ruling out a career in politics | FOX Sports

"Have you thought about politics? It's been crazy, hasn't it? It's been a whirlwind watching everything. You know, I don't know in this time in my life, but if there's a chance you can make a difference some day in something, then that would be intriguing."

Thought Tebow saturation was insufferable before? May I introduce you to "My name is Tim Tebow, and I approve this message" ads. Interestingly, he's still the 5th most popular QB in the NFL, despite not playing a game since 2012. LOL.

Georgia politicians think restricting access to public records will help UGA football. That's stupid. -

"It's a similar subject that, from what I understand, came to light through Kirby Smart at UGA. It had to do with football teams or athletic departments that are recruiting people in state of Georgia. They had a (shorter) window where the documents were not yet public, but other states had 90 days." "It just allows us to play on the same field as Alabama and everybody else," said the bill's co-sponsor, state senator Earl Ehrahrt, per the Telegraph. Schools in Alabama do not have a legal requirement to respond in a specific time period, which is atypical, and the Florida Gators are exempt from most records requests due to running their athletics via a non-profit corporation.

Kirby Smart, in essence, is leaning on GA legislators to make a FOIA request response (not the actual production) sunset at 90 days rather than 3. The reason? State travel is subject to FOIA production, and Smart thinks that competitors will be able to horn in on possible recruits the Dawgs have identified early. This is, of course, nonsense. In 2016, there are pretty much no unknown recruits. There are only undervalued recruits that everyone knows about after either a stellar camp, a beat report, or grapevine indications of other visits. There simply aren't blue chip surprises when that talent is identified by the time these kids hit puberty (and are often offered just as quickly.) Just a cheap political ploy to get some Dawg votes by Ehrahrt. ARP ARP ARP