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Justin Coleman, Michael Kessens Transferring

Avery Johnson losing two contributors.

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The Tide can absorb Kessens' loss with Nick King coming in to provide a big body (and scoring.) Coleman, though a bit reckless at times, paced the Tide with 3.3 APG, and would have been a good PG bench option to provide a spark (as he often did,) even with Dazon Ingram returning. Avery Johnson, Jr., also a PG, will be called upon to fill that role instead.

Alabama Crimson Tide losing Justin Coleman, Michael Kessens to transfer

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. -- Crimson Tide players Justin Coleman and Michael Kessens are leaving the program, they announced Wednesday. Both announced their decisions to head elsewhere on Twitter, and coach Avery Johnson later confirmed the moves in a news release. Coleman, a sophomore, started seven games last season and led the team in assists and free throw percentage. He averaged 7.8 points per game.