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Bradley Sylve Tears Achilles on Eve of Pro Day

The Senior corner was a valuable contributor to the Tide Special Teams

Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

Bradley Sylve, the goat of an unsteady 2014 Alabama secondary, had calamity befall him in the most random, fluke way imaginable yesterday.

Alabama NFL draft prospect Bradley Sylve suffers serious injury 1 day before Pro Day |

Bradley Sylve suffered a torn Achilles tendon Tuesday, one day before the Tide's Pro Day, sources told Sylve was simply warming up when the injury happened, according to sources. While Sylve was just a backup at cornerback as a senior last season, he was one of Alabama's Special Teams Players of the Year.

According to many, Sylve (who also runs track) was expected to grade out fairly well at Pro Day with his speed. The injury certainly will take an entire season and draft cycle to recover from.

What a terrible break for Sylve. Best of luck in his recovery.