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Weekend Jumbo Package and Open Thread

Use this one for the weekend, as the Tide looks forward to its first scrimmage

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It's a big weekend for the Tide: No. 1 Alabama football has its first scrimmage; No. 6 Tide softball goes to Gainesville for a big series vs. the No. 1 Gators; No. 21 Bama baseball looks to win another SEC series tonight and/or tomorrow in Georgia; and, No. 4 Alabama gym hosts the NCAA regionals in Tuscaloosa.

A lot to talk about, so use this for the weekend.

Remember the Maine!

Michigan football team getting rings for beating Alabama 16 years ago |

In a somewhat unusual -- and for whatever reason, long-delayed -- move, members of the Michigan football team will receive rings this weekend for their victory over Alabama in the 2000 Orange Bowl ... According to the Detroit News, only Michigan teams that won the Big Ten or national championships have received rings in the past. The 1999-2000 Wolverines finished 10-2 overall and tied for second in the Big Ten.

Wow. Tom Brady really, really wanted a college ring huh? This is cartoonishly awful living in the past. I refuse to believe this wasn't coordinated with Harbaugh. With an uneven season behind the Wolverines, there has to be some momentum to take Michigan into Spring football. May as well use a victory over a 10-3 Alabama team from 16 years ago.


Alabama's Justin Coleman, Michael Kessens free to transfer anywhere outside the SEC |

It appears the Alabama basketball program under Avery Johnson has become more open-minded and less restrictive when it comes to dictating where its players can transfer. At least that's the case for Justin Coleman and Michael Kessens. They're free to transfer to any school of their choice outside the Southeastern Conference, Alabama senior associate athletics director Doug Walker told Friday.

That seems like a fair transfer restriction: No competitors on the schedule (or potential conference tourney slate,) but we don't care about UAB. Besides, when you weigh who underperformed, Haase at UAB bit the bullet while Alabama exceeded expectations.

Alabama players notice difference in Pruitt, Smart

“He brings a different kind of energy,” outside linebacker Ryan Anderson said. “He’s definitely more of a players’ coach. A lot of the guys are more willing to sell out for the guy because he’s willing to do it for us. It’s a different style.”

I tend to be wary of players' coaches, but it seems that it's not grab-ass with Pruitt -- he's just a more approachable, relatable guy than Smart. Besides, Lane Kiffin gets the most out of players with a similarly kinder approach. When the head man is notoriously tyrannical, the velvet gloves over the iron fist go a long way with 18-22 year olds.


Sorry, there's just not much news out there today. Most of the action takes place this weekend. If you're bored, make yourself into a Power Puff Girls character. It's surprisingly a fun way to kill a lot of time.


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