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All Bow Down To Alan & LynnH, PachydermPride: Winners of the 2016 RBR NCAA Tourney Pick'em Contest!

It was hard fought in a year with a lot of upsets of high seeds, but the finals were razor thin -- as was our contest.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Congratulations to Alan & LynnH, winners of this year's contest. This contestant will take home a beautiful Alabama throw or a Coliseum Alabama hat.

To see AL's bracket (which did correctly identify UNC as a participant) click here.

But that's not all.

AL had 78 points. However, PachydermPride just one point behind. Moreover, PP correctly named both Villanova and UNC as finalists. To see PP's bracket, click here.

Since it was so very close, and since PP nailed the finals to boot, I decided to not just have one grand prize winner, but to also give a little something to the runner up as well. Pachyderm Pride will take home either the hat or throw (whichever our grand prize winner does not want. That's only fair.)

Congratulations to our winners, and thank all of you for playing. Throughout the year, we routinely have contests, giveaways, and other lagniappe for you guys just to thank you for being awesome readers.

Roll Tide

BTW: I finished third from last: 65 out of 67 participants. Womp. Womp. Full standings are here.