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It's official: Trent Richardson is a Baltimore Raven

Another chapter in the Trent Richardson redemption tale begins -- or is this the sad coda to wasted potential?

Rob Carr/Getty Images

It was just year ago we were announcing yet another team for Alabama's Trent Richardson. We were sanguine about his chance at redemption. We agonized over what it would take for the 2012 No. 3 overall pick (and 2011 Heisman finalist) to actually make a roster, win some playing time, and live up to his potential.

It did not happen in last year in Oakland, playing out as it had in Indianapolis or Cleveland. As Trent grew the past year, he finally admits that he was lazy, that he hung out with the wrong people, that he was not diligent in his workouts, that he was, in short, expecting his name and god-given talent to carry him in a league of professional.

That talent did not emerge, and, now, calendar is inexorably marching onward. Richardson is another year older, another burned bridge in a career where he sports a woeful 3.3 yards per carry. But, still, that talent is there should he choose to actually work for it.

The Baltimore Ravens apparently agree:

Baltimore Ravens sign Trent Richardson -

Trent Richardson is back. The Baltimore Ravens announced Monday they have officially signed the former Browns and Colts running back to a contract. Richardson had an unofficial agreement in place with the Ravens hinging on the former first-round pick shedding weight and showing up to the complex in shape on Monday.

Said Richardson about this most recent last-chance:

"I've got a lot to prove to myself," Richardson said earlier this month. "It's not about everybody else this time, it's about me. I'm really giving it my all. It's enough talk. We've been doing a lot of talking. Now it's just time to put up."

That said, we're through talking too. It's wait and see now as to whether the still-young (25) and low mileage Richardson (just 614 carries) can actually get it done. Making weight, admitting his faults and immaturity are good first steps to take, though. As always we wish Trent the best of luck.