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BREAKING: DL Coach Bo Davis to lose job over allegations of recruiting violations.

Well, this is suboptimal


From Aaron Suttles at

Bo Davis is expected to leave his position as assistant football coach at the University of Alabama over an inquiry into possible recruiting violations, The Tuscaloosa News has learned. Davis is expected to resign or be fired from his job.

UA has been conducting an internal investigation and the NCAA has also made inquiries into the matter.

We do not have any information on what the allegations entail, nor for what period, or even where they occurred. Davis was at Alabama from 2007-2010, then went to Texas for the same position until 2014, when he returned to Tuscaloosa. All we know is that it's not good.

You cannot soft-sell the damage this does to the program though. This is a crippling blow: recruits love Coach Davis, players love Coach Davis, and his work has been exceptional -- as tonight's NFL Draft will demonstrate. More to the point, the fact the university seems to have had a parallel inquiry to the NCAA's does not bode well.

The sky is not falling just yet. But, I'd bring an umbrella. This is a cactus-swinging moment, folks.

We'll keep you updated.