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UPDATED: Tony Brown Facing Indefinite NCAA Suspension

Alabama is awaiting the status of its appeal.

LOL. Hands to the face.
LOL. Hands to the face.
Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

We don't have very much right now on this, but Aaron Suttles at the Tuscaloosa News is reporting that troubled Junior DB, Tony Brown, is facing indefinite suspension from the NCAA.

The university has appealed, but no determination has been made as yet.

Defensive back Tony Brown facing indefinite suspension |

University of Alabama defensive back Tony Brown is facing an indefinite suspension from the NCAA, The Tuscaloosa News has learned. The university has appealed and is awaiting a decision. UA coach Nick Saban acknowledged Brown was "facing suspensions" during the veteran coach’s introductory spring press conference in March. "When I get the final data on that I’ll definitely let you know," Saban said.

Ordinarily, indefinite suspension is something you hear with regards to impermissible benefits or contacts. Given Saban's "good kids can make bad decisions and be in the wrong place with wrong people" statements, I would imagine that is what we're looking at here.

Brown was looking to crack into the starting rotation opposite Marlon Humphrey, or assume a greater role in Pruitt's nickel and dime packages. Obviously, depth chart concerns are the least of his problems at the moment.

When we hear more, we'll update you.



I have it on more than passing authority that it's not, repeat not, impermissible benefits. So, everyone breathe. That said, feel free to recklessly speculate below. (For instance, I've got academic misconduct as my front-runner with PEDs a strong dark horse.)