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Bo Davis details emerging: The sky is not falling for Alabama, but he's bent over a barrel.

This will likely be inconsequential for Alabama from an NCAA-standpoint.

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Sorry for you Ole Miss folks out there who desperately wanted news to distract from Tunsilgeddon presently raining down upon Oxford -- Alabama is going to be just fine.

Friday morning I heard a few rumblings about the nature of Alabama's potential infraction and was much relieved should it prove to be true. Well, it appears that it is.  Matt Zenitz from is finally reporting the good news for the Crimson Tide:

Details emerge on potential NCAA violation that led to Alabama assistant Bo Davis resigning |

Alabama defensive line coach Bo Davis resigned Friday morning, stepping down after two seasons in that role. has learned that Davis is being investigated by the NCAA for potential impermissible contact with recruits. According to a source familiar with details of the case, Davis is accused of visiting multiple out-of-state recruits during a period when coaches aren't allowed any contact with recruits.

The recruits in question did not end up signing with Alabama, according to the source.

As the story notes, this is, for all intents, Joker Phillips 2.0. In that case Phillips was caught making inappropriate contact with recruits during the dead period and was summarily dismissed from the Gator staff with no NCAA punishment handed down to the University of Florida. Look for the same to happen here. Phillips was essentially blacklisted from NCAA gigs, and is now in exile with the Cleveland Browns. Bo Davis very well may be heading to the pros as well.

There are more details in the story, but particularly interesting is that when the NCAA opened its inquiry, and Davis was confronted, he flat-out lied about -- to both investigators and his boss. Yeah, safe to say that will get you fired real quick, both the infraction and the behavior.

Still, Davis' quit-firing is a loss to the program in terms of the product he put on the field and his relationship with recruits. The good news is the timing of this though: It's the summer, and there are many excellent defensive line coaches out there who can also recruit. It's a matter of poneying up the scratch and bringing them home to momma.