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RBR Q&A with Stampede Blue: Ryan Kelly, a can't-miss pick by the Colts.

The best center in the draft was also a no-brainer selection by the Colts.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday, Brent and I tag-teamed a pretty interesting Q&A with SBN's Indianapolis Colts' site, Stampede Blue, to talk about former-Alabama center, Ryan Kelly.

Colts partisans were particularly curious as to how Kelly will affect the offense, how his skills translate to the NFL, and     much more. It's a fairly decent read, especially when you look back on Kelly's five years at Alabama and realize exactly what the Tide are going to be missing next season.

Learning more about Ryan Kelly in Q&A with Roll Bama Roll: "This was a fantastic pick by the Colts" - Stampede Blue

This was a fantastic pick by the Colts. If you asked most knowledgeable college football fans which of Alabama's seven drafted players was an absolute, can't miss, decade-long quality NFL starter, you'd hear Ryan Kelly's name nine out of ten times. It also was a no-brainer in terms of need for Indy.


Quick programming note: At a minimum, the JP will be up around 9:30 central. Then later today, we get you caught up on all the Tide players in minicamps and OTAs. We will also have a special staffing announcement for you as well. Roll Tide,