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Breaking: Cam Robinson, Hootie Jones arrested on weapons and drugs charges in Louisiana.

This is bad.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

This is decidedly not good.

Notice those charges: Hootie Jones was carrying a weapon while in possession of a controlled substance. Cam Robinson's was worse -- he was carrying a stolen weapon while in possession of a controlled substance, which is a potential felony.

No doubt both are entitled to the legal fiction of presumption of innocence, but possession just simply is -- either you're carrying (firearms, drugs, licentious material) or you're not. And, sure, maybe Cam can wrangle his way out of the stolen gun charge too (misunderstanding, false police report,) but that's one that's not likely to be false either.

This is not good, folks. Hootie has been working his way up the depth chart finally. Robinson is again healthy and is going into a near-certain draft season. The big fella' is an All-American left tackle, and you cannot soft sell his loss for any appreciable amount of time. Jones' loss is a little easier to swallow with Alabama's quality safety depth. Still, it's tough to lose a veteran headhunter.

And, who knows? Both players could very well lose their scholarships after the legal system winds its way through the meatgrinder. I'd like to say "hope for the best," but I am not particularly optimistic right now.