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SEC changes replay rules: Fire up the conspiracy theories, Pawwwwl.

This one is going to rear its ugly head a few times this season, I'd guess.

Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

Hoo boy, this rule change is going to rankle the "SEC office in in Birmingham, Pawwwwl" crowd (looking at you, LSU.)

SEC approves collaborative process for instant replay

In February, the NCAA Football Rules Committee approved a request submitted by the SEC to allow conferences to use a collaborative process for instant replay on an experimental basis. Under this experiment, personnel operating from SEC Headquarters will assist the in-stadium Instant Replay Officials when replay decisions are made.

The technology needed to support the collaborative replay process and deliver the games in real time to the SEC Video Command was successfully tested during an SEC spring football game in April.

"Our goal is to continue to use the best-available resources to support correct outcomes when instant replay is used," said SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey. "We believe the collaborative effort, which will involve additional officiating experts during replay reviews, will enhance the Conference's football officiating program. I believe this update to the instant replay review process will better support football officiating in the SEC through the use of technology."

TL; DR version: In 2016, instant replay will not just be conducted from the booth and on the field. A group of officials at SEC headquarters will also participate in determining the proper outcome of a call or review.

Look, SEC fans are not the sanest, most rational bunch. We know this. But, if you think for one second that a review called in Alabama's favor, with an "assist" from the SEC office, isn't going to create conspiracy theories (or stir up the less reasoned fanbases) then you must be new here.

Do we like this idea? What say you?