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Behind Enemy Lines: A way too early look at USC-Alabama with Conquest Chronicles

We sat down very late last Thursday night to talk USC-'Bama.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Look, it's football, and we talk a lot of it. What else are you gonna' do?

Will and Samand are really cool guys, btw. Give them a follow, drop them some feedback at Conquest Chronicle, and start getting your mind right...100 days and change until Alabama football.

Traveler Hates Thursdays Podcast Episode 40: Preview With The Enemy, Alabama - Conquest Chronicles

Saman and Will kick off their season preview (and offseason distraction campaign) by talking to editor Erik Evans about all things Crimson Tide. It doesn't look good for the USC Trojans. As always, listen/subscribe on iTunes and listen on soundcloud. Follow us on Twitter @THT_USC, @samandjabbari, and @Will_Robinson_.