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Post-Spring Q&A with ...And the Valley Shook

We sat down for some interesting questions from our LSU conference mates.

Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

Go forth and consume more football hot takes! As always, feel free to register your hate of LSU below.

Spring Football Five Questions: Alabama - And The Valley Shook

5. Even with what Bama lost in this past draft, there's a metric ton of talent returning on this team. Is it truly natty or bust in 2016?

I don't think it's national title or bust season for the Tide. I think most intelligent observers recognize the difficulty of the road slate (at Ole Miss, at Arkansas, at LSU, at Tennessee,) the unanswered questions on offense, and uncertainty of Cam Robinson's availability. That said, anything less than 10 or 11 wins, competing for the West, and a New Year's Bowl is unacceptable. The goal is Atlanta, as always.