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Jumbo Package: NFL Draft notes, former Tiders face contract years.

All pro ery'thing today...not really, but that's the majority of the news.

Time to live up to potential, big fella
Time to live up to potential, big fella
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Face the music

Titans decline 5th year option on Chance Warmack - Music City Miracles

Hopefully this lights a fire under Warmack and gets him to be the player pretty much everyone thought he would be when the Titans drafted him. This doesn't mean 2016 will be Warmack's final year with the Titans. He could play well and earn a big money, long-term contract. He could also play decently and earn a cap friendly deal that doesn't cost as much against the 2017 cap.

Jim Wyatt wrote about the decision over at Titans Online and included this from GM Robinson: "I told Chance, he’s an integral part of this football team, and we are looking for and expecting big things from him this fall and through the minicamps and in training camp,’’ Robinson said. "We expect him to go out and play like he would normally."

Seems fair. The Titans want to keep The Belly, but he's been inconsistent (partially due to injuries.) He's in his 5th year and this may light a fire under him -- the Titans have players on the line and Jon Robinson is aggressive. Chance needs to prove he can do it at the next level.

Speaking of, the Jets face a 5th year contract option with Dee Milliner. Most do not expect New York/Jersey to pick this option up. Then again, most expected the Titans to pick up Warmack''s anyone's guess right now.

Notre Dame box coming...

Titans' DeMarco Murray reacts to drafting of Derrick Henry |

How did Murray feel about his team drafting the Heisman Trophy candidate? "First of all, he loved the pick,'' coach Mike Mularkey said of Murray, per TitansOnline. "And he said, "He's going to make me better and I am going to do the same for him.' He said, 'I'm going to do whatever I can to make him a great player."

Before the draft, the Titans had six running backs on the roster. That is untenable. Bishop Sankey just has not gotten it done. Demarco Murray may still be a player; if he is, the Cowboys version needs to emerge, not the Eagles' sad iteration. This is potentially a great offense, a great line, and a great opportunity for King Henry.

Finally, the Patriots have something nice happen for them,

Cyrus Jones was 'praying to God' Patriots would draft him |

When it came time for New England to pick in the second round, Jones was doing everything he could to will the Patriots to take him. "When that pick came up, I was just praying to God that they would take a chance on me, and that I'd have an opportunity to land in such a great organization," Jones said during a media conference call. "This is one of the best organizations in the whole league, possibly the best. I couldn't be more happy with where I ended up."

Cy had a great meeting with Coach B at Alabama's Pro Day. He made an impression, safe to say.

Mock draft

2017 NFL mock draft: Deshaun Watson and a bunch of running backs -

3. San Diego Chargers: Tim Williams, OLB, Alabama The pick up of Joey Bosa this year gives the Chargers a star on the defensive line. Getting Williams next year will give them one at linebacker.

Three players mocked in the Top 19? That's a good look for 2017 NSD.

Yes, it's about the student-athletes of course

Report: Ohio State trying to schedule camp at star-studded high school | FOX Sports

According to the Cleveland Plain Dealer, the Buckeyes are trying to schedule a camp at Fort Lauderdale (Fla.) St. Thomas Aquinas, the same school that produced five-star defensive end Joey Bosa and his brother Nick. As of last year, St. Thomas led the nation with 17 players in the NFL. According to the report, Michigan would like to schedule a camp the same day at the high school, but that's unlikely to happen since the Wolverines would need Ohio State's permission if the Buckeyes are the ones who host the event.

St. Thomas has an ungodly amount of NCAA all-star talent every year. So, of course, to find those diamonds in the rough, both Michigan and Ohio State want to schedule a satellite camp there. This is, pardon the french, absolute bullshit. It's a stalking horse for impermissible contact, an excuse for other P5 schools to circumvent visiting requirements, and has nothing to do with giving overlooked student athletes an opportunity -- it's so talent-poor, but tradition-rich schools can compete with the Sun Belt programs, and the SEC specifically.

This is a problem, and Baylor is the tip of a rotten iceberg.

Something's rotten at Baylor and it's way past time to pay attention | FOX Sports

Earlier this month, Waco police arrested Bears All-American defensive end Shawn Oakman on one count of sexual assault. The alleged April 3 incident involving a Baylor student took place several months after his last college game. Thus, one might suggest it unfair to tie that event to Briles' program. Except that earlier this week, Texas-based reporter Alex Dunlap uncovered a January 2013 police report in which a woman identified as Oakman's ex-girlfriend accused him of assault. She described the lineman -- then listed at 6-foot-9, 270 pounds -- lifting her by the armpits and shoving her into brick walls and cabinets. The woman did not want to press charges, and the outside world knew nothing of it. Worth noting, that alleged incident occurred less than a year after Oakman's dismissal from his original school, Penn State, following a misdemeanor charge for getting physical with a convenience store clerk. If Briles was made aware of that initial Baylor incident — Dunlap reported that he was, but that's not yet been confirmed — Oakman, who redshirted during the 2012 season, never should have played a down for Baylor, much less remained in town three years later to allegedly sexually assault a student.

NINE sexual assaults at Baylor since Briles took over. SEVEN at Tennessee under Butch. A student raped and then harassed by Notre Dame's Brian Kelly until she committed suicide (of course, we mean a Notre Dame athlete, not Brian Kelly personally, although he too has blood on his hands.) How much longer are we going to defend the indefensible here just because a predator, a rotten culture and a permissive administration represents our favorite sportsball team? Nauseating, indefensible, and it needs to change post-haste.