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SEC Spring Meetings Preview: Issues Good & Bad

With Spring 2016 expiring in three weeks, the SEC will squeeze in their spring meetings under suddenly dark clouds.

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Don't expect fun and games at this week's SEC meetings.
Don't expect fun and games at this week's SEC meetings.
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As the the SEC convenes this week for its spring meetings in Destin, Florida, there are a few issues to be settled. In no particular order:


  • The Ole Miss football program thought they could sneak in under the radar in the wake of the Baylor scandal with a report on their NCAA improprieties. That doesn't mean it wasn't noticed. You can be sure that SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey is going to have some closed door meetings with officials from the University of Mississippi. Additionally for Ole Miss is the whole Laremy Tunsil debacle to discuss.
  • The University of Tennessee will also be on the hot seat to answer for some of the Title IX issues they are facing from their football program.
  • Mississippi State has yet to comment on the status of five-star recruit Jeffery Simmons, who was charged with simple assault after a video surfaced in March showing the 6'3" 277 lbs man hitting a woman who was on the ground.
  • Alabama is not immune. They appear to be in the clear for former assistant Bo Davis' recruiting violations but there will be some questions for AD Bill Battle.
  • Don't be surprised if the rest of the league's athletic directors get stern warnings from Sankey as well.

Centralized replay in football

The NCAA has approved the SEC's request to try out centralized replay as a collaborative effort between the conference office command center and the replay official at a game. These meetings will be the first opportunity for coaches to hear the procedures. While only approved on an experimental basis, there will certainly be some controversy. [Editorial: While some fans may think that certain calls will be based on a conspiracy to keep their team down, my concern is the length of time it will take to make a call and how it could potentially ruin the rhythm of a game.]

Bouncey Ball

Aside from Kentucky, SEC basketball has hit some serious doldrums. In three of the past four years, only three SEC teams made the NCAA Tournament. This past tournament had some disappointing results. Texas A&M made it to the Sweet 16, but Kentucky lost in the second round and Vandy lost their a "play-in" game by 20 points. The league has some exciting new coaches but the results have not turned up on the courts.

Other Items

  • CBS typically announces game times for some of the upcoming football broadcasts. They also usually announce the date of its once-a-season day-night doubleheader this week. My money is on Florida at Arkansas as the opening act and Alabama at LSU in prime time Nov. 5.
  • A vote on a future site for the SEC baseball tournament is expected to be announced on Friday. Don't be surprised if a new site is selected over Hoover, who has hosted the event since 1998. Memphis is a strong possibility.
  • Expect expanded talks regarding the serving of alcohol at football, basketball, and baseball games outside of suites and club seating.
  • The most annoying topic has become satellite camps but there needs to be some clarity. Don't expect any finality but there will be some talk.
  • Early signing period and the recruiting calendar should be a hot topic.
  • Player misconduct rule for transfers should be fleshed out.
  • Potential realignment, expansion, and autonomy may be brought up. Nick Saban has been campaigning for the installation of a CFB Commissioner. A Power division will arrive eventually but don't hold out hope for any bombshells to come out of Destin on any of these topics this week.
  • The SEC could talk about the U-Hauls they have to rent to carry all the money they are making back to their respective campuses but the conference announced last week that this year’s revenue distribution won’t be made public until October, after a review from the SEC Executive Committee.
  • In a new twist on things, the conference has invited student-player represenatives to join the meetings. They are Arkansas tennis player Flavia Arago, Ole Miss baseball player Brady Bramblett, former Mississippi State football player Jay Hughes, Tennessee basketball player Diamond DeShields, and Texas A&M swimmer Antoine Marc. But seriously, it's going to be like this.