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Delete your account: Texas A&M and the Great Twitter Hemorrhage of 2016

If you thought Kevin Sumlin didn't have control over that program...well, you're right.

Resting Ag Face. HEEEEYO.
Resting Ag Face. HEEEEYO.
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Last night was interesting in Aggieland.

It began with 5* QB (No. 3 overall) Tate Martell decommitting from the Ags. What followed next, in the wee drunken hours of social media, can only be described as a debacle (for the family friendly) and an unholy shit show (for those with more common parlance.)

Wide receiver coach, Aaron Moorehead, very publicly took to Twitter to subtweet Martell -- ranting about the softness of kids #TheseDays, the lack of commitment, the general softness of guys, and even made an uncharitable suggestion that certain unnamed persons needed to get "their ass whipped" by dad.

The fun then ensued: Texas A&M not only lost Martell, but it then lost a 5* wide receiver commitment, a 4* running back commitment, and another 5* prospect with Texas A&M on his radar.

As of 7:01 a.m. CDT, Moorehead's tweets were still up and, improbably, he still had a job. When a 17-year old high school junior takes to social media being the grown up about this, it's safe to say at a minimum that you made a bad personnel decision here, Kevin.

There is a reason Saban muzzles his assistants and all we see from his assistants on social media are self-congratulatory PR and Lane Kiffin's Bitmoji performance art.

Anyway, read this disaster from the AJC (the facts, not the writing -- although we can all agree Carvell is Atlanta's Clay Travis in waiting)

Texas A&M wide receivers coach Aaron Moorehead is likely to be an example for all colleges across the nation of what you shouldn’t do on social media.

Shortly after the Aggies lost their top recruit in quarterback Tate Martell, Moorehead went on a rant about loyalty, which was a not-so-subtle shot at the former commit.

“I feel sorry for people who never understand loyalty,” Moorehead tweeted minutes after Martell announced his de-commitment. “I can’t really even vibe with you. At the end of the day, trust is 100 (percent) and everything else is BS.”