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Roll 'Bama Roll Q&A With Pride of Detroit: A'Shawn Robinson

Do we love the big fella'? Of course we love the big fella' and we try our best to convince the Lions fans that they are getting a special player.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

We sat down with Pride of Detroit to talk A'Shawn Robinson. While you and I know what the LOINS are getting, OWB and I tried our very best to sell the Motor City on a fan favorite:

Four questions on A'Shawn Robinson with Roll Bama Roll - Pride Of Detroit

Give me "NFL Draft picks I'd least like to meet in a dark alley for $200 Alex." A'Shawn Robinson is one scary looking dude. He also happens to be one of the best defensive tackles to enter the NFL Draft in 2016. That's why Bob Quinn jumped at the chance to grab him the second round, where most analysts didn't think he would be. For me this is my personal favorite of all the picks the Lions made in 2016.

I like what Robinson can bring to the table as far as his ability goes. It's easy to form your own opinion on a player when you've watched some tape and read some scouting reports, but to really get the best knowledge you have to go to the guys who live and breathe Alabama football. To do so, I went down to Tuscaloosa, Alabama. After I grabbed a beer at the annual Weindorf festival, I met up with Roll Bama Roll's Erik Evans to talk A'Shawn Robinson. Here's what we learned.

Obligatory gif is obligatory...