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Season preview with FoxSports Knoxville/The Southeasterner's Charlie Burris

Deep behind enemy lines with Charlie Burris, reporter for Fox Sports Knoxville and The Southeasterner

Awwww, cheer up, Butch.
Awwww, cheer up, Butch.
John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

The Southeasterner Previews Alabama

The newest episode of The Southeasterner Podcast kicks off a series of 2016 SEC team previews. The season is just a couple of months away and we’re getting you prepared by filling you in on each team in the league with the people who know them best.

First, we take a look at Alabama with Erik Evans of Roll Bama Roll. Erik fills us in on what the season looks like for the perennial powerhouse and then discusses whether or not Nick Saban will ever retire or if he’s immortal and will outlive us all.

Playing nice with Fox Sports Knoxville, who wanted to know, among other things whether Alabama fans consider Tennessee a threat now.