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Jumbo Package updates Bo Davis, Cam Robinson, QB battle, baseball coach search

Plenty of juicy topics today: dive in.

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First, some LOLs

Auburn's AD keeps using the same words to say his coaches won't be fired -

"He's our coach and he'll be our coach for a long, long time," Jacobs said during SEC Spring Meetings in Destin, Florida. "He's a brilliant offensive mind. Took us to two national championships; once as a coordinator, once as a head coach. There's a bunch of schools in this league that would love to be in our position with a guy like him."

That phrase "long, long time" has been used by Jay Jacobs since Tommy Tuberville in every season where he fires a coach. For my part, I hope Auburn does keep that clown on the Plains for a long, long time.

Bo Davis / NCAA

Alabama awaiting word from NCAA on violations |

"I know that Bo spoke to the NCAA after we did and he resigned. We have determined there were violations and felt like it was in our best interest to separate. "I know that Bo spoke to the NCAA in hopes that he could reduce any penalty that might come to him. We haven't heard what might come to us. We're still waiting for those answers.

"You never know. It's one of our staff members so whether or not action is taken, all we can do is respond to what we find are things that happened. We responded as quickly as (we could). It will be up to the NCAA to decide what they think about our response." When asked what the specific violations are, Battle declined to answer.

Battle may have declined to answer, but in Tuesday's discussion on satellite camps and third parties, Saban let it slip somewhat, and, it is seems to be we thought it was: Davis appears to have violated the Bump Rule...again. As he was disciplined for this before, the NCAA will most likely have a show cause. Alabama's fate remains uncertain, but there will almost certainly be off-campus recruiting restrictions of some sort.

Cam Robinson

Alabama Crimson Tide coach Nick Saban still determining OT Cam Robinson's status after arrest

"It's the first time Cam has ever had an issue or a problem," Saban said. "We're handling it and managing it internally and making him do things to hopefully change his behavior. I'm waiting to see how this whole legal thing plays out, because it's not really what it seems to be."

Saban declined to provide specifics about Robinson's arrest, but sources told that the two players had been shooting guns at a range earlier in the night and didn't take them home afterward. Sources also said Robinson bought the gun a year ago and didn't know it was stolen, but never got it registered.

This is looking to be more benign with every passing day. I'd be stunned if CamRob and Hootie miss more than a game or two -- if that.

Dreamy Jalen

Day 2 of SEC spring meetings: Nick Saban on Alabama Crimson Tide QBs - SEC Blog- ESPN

"It’s going to be a good race because all four have done some good things," Saban said. Saban said junior Cooper Bateman is probably a little bit ahead at this point because of experience. "That experience helped him to be a little more consistent in the spring," Saban said.

One of the surprises of the spring for Saban was how well true freshman Jalen Hurts played and the fact that the 6-foot-2, 210-pound Hurts made plays throwing and running and didn’t make as many mistakes as a first-year quarterback normally would after arriving on campus only a few months earlier.

Jalen Hurts is going to be special. You can already see that.

SEC coaches want to cut down on undrafted underclassmen

This lack of good information, Saban said, makes it hard for coaches to maintain trust with the players who, rightfully so, wonder if the coach has an agenda when he recommends that the player remain in school. Saban had a couple of suggestions.

* A "Junior Day" or underclass combine, which would be held before a player’s junior season. Saban suggested that it be held right after spring practice. NFL scouts would put the juniors through a series of drills just like the pro days held on campus before the draft. That would give the scouts additional data to combine with the evaluations of the coming season.

* Saban also suggested – well, pretty much demanded – that draft grades not be given to any players until after their seasons have been completed. It will be interesting to see where this goes, if anywhere.

Ninety-six juniors have been undrafted the past three seasons. Saban and Bielema have very different ideas of how to correct that, but I think Saban's general idea of greater information is probably the best. The old accountant maxim, garbage in/garbage out applies here: kids can only make an informed decision with greater information at their disposal.

Baseball coaching search

Alabama AD discusses new baseball coach search |

"What’d I like to have is somebody that’s had head coaching experience," he said. "Somebody that has had recruiting experience in this part of the country. I’d like to have somebody with an Alabama connection, I know that’s hard to find."

Any new hire might have to wait, though. The NCAA baseball tournament begins this weekend. Some candidates are still at work preparing their teams for the postseason. The college baseball season doesn't end until late June.

That's a pretty bad way to sandbag there, Bill. By those criteria he has all-but named Mark Calvi (present coach of South Alabama.) Other possibilities are Tuscaloosa-native John Cohen (though getting him out of his alma mater in Starkville may be iffy,) and Casey Dunn (the Auburn alum and fantastic recruiter presently terrorizing the SoCon at Samford.)

This also almost-certainly kills the Dave Magadan hopes and dreams many nourish.

In other words, I think we hear Calvi's name after the Jaguars are eliminated this weekend in the Tallahassee regional, though on the balance I think I'd still rather see Dunn's name on the leaderboard. Cohen knows his business, but that is some truly aggravating baseball to watch.