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72 Days 'Til Alabama Football: Forging his own path -- Richie Petitbon.

The athletic guard from DC has a famous name and all the raw talent you could want...once he gets healthy.

Steve Dykes-USA TODAY Sports

Redshirt Freshman guard Richie Petitbon, the No. 41 player in the nation, and the fifth best 2015 guard prospect, earned his fourth star at Gonzaga (Annapolis,) where he was a standout in lacrosse, football and basketball.

When not dominating as a striker for the LAX squad, or earning MVP honors with the basketball team, Petitbon takes some time out of his day to talk to his grandad. You may have heard of him: NFL all-pro DB, NFL Hall of Fame defensive coordinator, and holder of three Super Bowl rings, legendary Richie Petitbon.

As the elder Petibon looks on RP3's game tape (RP3 being the nickname for the Tide's Petitbon,) he just says one thing over and over: "Babe, we’re going to be all right...I think we’ve got something here, babe.”

And, boy did the Tide ever get something: At 6'4", 290, RP3 has exceptional feet, great quickness, good hands, fantastic power, and a love of attacking downhill. He has tight end skills in a tackle's body and the meanness you want from a guard.

RB3 had a great spring, working his way into the rotation, if not a starting guard spot. Then, the promising freshman completely tore his ACL as camp was winding down. This was a blow to the Tide's OL depth to be sure, but also was a personal setback to the exciting prospect.

With many players you may worry about their headspace after such an injury. But for Petitbon, coached his entire life by a legend, sage advice is one phone call away, and enthusiasm and hard work is one glance in the mirror from being a reality:

Gonzaga’s Richie Petitbon displays grandfather’s aptitude for football - The Washington Post

Intangibles have rarely been an issue for Little Richie

“Thing is, kids like to have fun,” the eldest Petitbon continued. “They’re not trying to be corrected on everything, and I’m not trying to impose what I think on anybody. It’s not so much what you do at the point of attack as it is whether you hustle or work hard. Those are things I think you can’t teach, and Little Richie has those things.”

Best of luck to RP3 as he recovers and tries to forge his own legend, even while he embraces the past. In that respect, Petitbon is a perfect fit at Alabama.

We are 72 days from kickoff. Roll Tide.